(Clearwisdom.net) Over the last three months of 2007, Chinese Communist Party officials in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province have illegally arrested eleven practitioners. The practitioners are: Gao Shengjing (gender unknown), Ms. Zhu Hefang, Ms. Wu Hezhen, Ms. Gong Jinyu, Hu Xin (gender unknown), Ms. Zhang Shuhua, Ms. Zuo Yin'ai, Ms. Feng Yunxia, Ms. Chen Meilan, Ms. Xue Fengzhen, and Ms. Yang Guiying. The following are reports on the unlawful arrests of Ms. Feng Yunxia and Ms. Zhang Shuhua.

At noon on May 11, several dozen police officers arrived in several police vehicles at practitioner Ms. Feng Yunxia's home. The officers arrested Ms. Feng Yunxia, Ms. Zuo Yin'ai, Ms. Chen Meilan, Ms. Xue Fengzhen, and Ms. Yang Guiying. The officers took away photocopiers, Falun Dafa books, and truth-clarifying materials. They came back and conducted several more searches. They even tore down tables. When the officers left, they did not bother to close the door. No one else lives at Ms. Feng's place.

At around 2:00 p.m. on May 28, Xu Jifei (male), a residential police officer from the Jiulijie Police Station, and Shao Rongxiang, an officer from the Political Security Section of the Jingkou District Police Department in Zhenjiang City, forced their way into the home of practitioner Ms. Zhang Shuhua's parents. The two officers did not present their badges nor did they offer any explanation. They simply ordered Ms. Zhang to go with them to the Jiulijie Police Station for a "talk."

Ms. Zhang Shuhua was about to help her mother, who is in her eighties, take a bath. She had already prepared clothes and warm water. She told the two officers if they wanted to discuss anything, they could do it right in her home. The two officers refused and insisted on taking her away. They said it should take no more than half an hour. Ms. Zhang said that if that was the case, they should leave a note to her father stating their intentions and their promise to keep their word, and she would follow them to the police station right away.

The two officers refused to write the note. They made a call with their cell phone. Soon, a vehicle that belonged to the 610 Office arrived. A group of officers rushed out and dragged Ms. Zhang into the vehicle. Witnesses described the police as a group of gangsters.

It was later learned that Ms. Zhang Shuhua was detained in a small room in Dongwu Hotel. She has been monitored by two people around the clock.

Several years ago, Ms. Zhang Shuhua's husband, Mr. Lu Bagen, was also taken away from their home by a group of officers who claimed they wanted to have a "talk." Ms. Zhang and other family members did not know where the police took her husband until they received a notice from the Wuxi Prison in Jiangsu Province asking them to send in clothes. They learned that Mr. Lu had been unlawfully sentenced to five years in prison. No legal procedure whatsoever had been followed in Mr. Lu's sentencing. Mr. Lu remains in prison.

June 12, 2007