(Clearwisdom.net) Weibei Prison, where practitioner Mr. Li Guang was tortured to death, is secretly conducting another round of intensive persecution of practitioners. The practitioners used to be scattered in different prison areas. Now those who are strong in their faith are concentrated on the first floor of the prison building in the Prison Seven area. All the windows of this floor are covered to conceal what occurs inside.

The last intensive persecution round conducted on practitioners in Weibei Prison was in November 2004. The methods of torture used were extremely cruel and obscene: they wrapped practitioners' heads with towels and poured boiling water, then ice cold water over them. They wrapped practitioners' penises with a metal wire and electrically shocked them. They forbade practitioners to urinate, shocked them with electric batons, deprived them of sleep, beat them cruelly, and more. Within 10 days, twenty-eight-year-old practitioner Mr. Li Guang, a graduate of Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, was tortured to death. The crime was conducted under the direct order of guard Xu Haiming (male) and implemented by the first prison area guard Wang Xiyun (male). To cover it up, Weibei Prison lied about Mr. Li's death and said that he died from heart disease. Afterwards, Xu Haiming was promoted.

Cheng Jian, director of Weibei Prison: 86-536-7548210 (Office)
Li Wuguang, associated director of Weibei Prison: 86-536-7548204 (Office); 86-13508963679(Cell)
Office of Weibei Prison: 86-536-7548243, 86-536-7541254

June 14, 2007