(Clearwisdom.net) The authorities of Yongchuan Prison have been persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners for several years using brutal methods. Dafa practitioner Tan Xueli was sent to Yongchuan Prison and persecuted to death in six days. Torture methods used included beatings, sleep deprivation, starvation, forcible brainwashing, forced written "thought reports" daily, and abuse and monitoring by other inmates. They designated criminals to monitor Falun Gong practitioners, promising them a reduction in their sentences in return. Every year Falun Gong practitioners are forced to give blood. Now persecution and forcible brainwashing are still going on in Yongchuan Prison.

The districts where the most Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained are the fourth and second districts. Some of the Dafa practitioners detained in Yongchuan Prison's fourth district include Tian Yicheng, Wei Xia, Deng Liang, Xiang Renyuan, Wu Zhicheng, Lv Yuanjian, Dai Dakui, and Wang Xian'an. In the second district there is Wang Rong, Zhang Shengquan, Zhang Quanliang, Dai Xianming, Tang Jinming, Wang Qi, Zhang Qike, and Gao Hongwei. A few other practitioners detained in Yongchuan Prison include Wang Jingfei, Hong Dongqiang and Gu Xiaomin.

The seventh team in the fourth district is a "strict discipline team." Policemen Zheng Ke, Lin, Wang Jing and Xie Di designated a gang of drug addicts, thieves and rapists led by Yu Tao to brutally persecute Falun Gong practitioners. These criminals include Zhang Dahong, Wang Qiang, Tang Yibin, Luo Desen, Tang Jiyun, Li Shihu, Yang Tianhua, Zhang Chonghua, Ma Yongqing, and Du Changhai. Dafa practitioner Tian Yichen was persecuted very seriously. He was punished by being forced to stand continually for dozens of days in a row. His legs were thickly swollen, and he received only 500g of food in each meal. Mr. Deng Liang, a former flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and Falun Gong practitioner, was persecuted by three criminals day and night. He was even monitored when he was washing his face and brushing his teeth, or when using the restroom. He was forced to work 14 hours per day, sewing beads on women's dresses. He was tortured to the point of it having little effect--he was practically blinded and down to skin and bones. Dafa practitioner Mr. Deng Xia was sent to Yongchuan Prison on July 3, 2003. The authorities did not allow him to meet with his mother, because she is also Falun Gong practitioner. Some people coming out of the prison reported that he was physically abused frequently.

A former detective, Falun Gong practitioner Wang Rong, was detained in the second district. One of his cell mates, a fellow practitioner, completely negated the forced brainwashing. The authorities put them both in solitary confinement, not allowing their families to visit them for several months.

A graduate student at Southwest Financial University, practitioner Mr. Wang Qi, was persecuted to the point of having his shoulder bones broken, rendering him unable to take care of himself. The prison authorities continued to refuse his mother's demand of his release for medical treatment. An engineer at the Coal Design Institute, Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhang Quanliang was detained separately all the time, within a whole room of regular inmates. In the winter, guards forced him to sit on the cold ground for dozens of hours. They also forced him to bow down, while they repeatedly elbowed his back. They gave him too much food for one meal, and if he could not finish it all, they punched him in the stomach. In the second district, the policemen directing the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners are Zhou Qiang, Li Caisheng and Li Tao.

Note: There are three doors from the gate of the prison to each district. The high walls for the second door are surrounded by electric fencing, and one also has to get through barbed wire to get by.

Luo Changming, director of the prison: 86-23-49890566
Hu Maping, political commissioner: 86-23-49890500
Yang Liming, deputy director of the prison: 86-23-49890503
Wang, deputy director of the prison, in charge of persecution of Falun Gong
Li Huiming, chief of Administration Department of the jail: 86-23-49890529
Zhang Longjian, chief of Education Section: 86-23-49890532
Second district: 86-23-49891142, 86-23-49891141, 86-13752873948 (Cell)
Thirteenth branch in the second district: 86-23-49888605
Fourth district: 49306176, 86-23-49306172, 86-23-49306170
Second branch of the fourth district: 86-23-49306193
Sixth branch of the fourth district: 86-23-49306199
Seventh branch of the fourth district: 86-13883681674 (Cell)
Fifth district: 86-23-49834201
Sixth district: 86-23-49800572, 86-23-49890598
Seventh district: 86-23-49839938, 86-23-49890575
Ninth district: 86-23-68892505
Eleventh district: 86-23-41735115