(Clearwisdom.net) Yu Haitao, who is the Section Chief of the Political and Security Section of the Linjiang Forestry Public Security Bureau has often arrested, searched and framed Dafa practitioners.

At 2:00 p.m. on April 19, 2007, while a practitioner named Chi Minxiang was taking care of his older brother's home, he was arrested by three policemen including Yu Haitao. The police beat Mr. Chi up, dragged him and forcefully kneed him in the back and buttocks. The police confiscated over eight hundred yuan cash, and a bank book of over fifteen hundred yuan (without producing any legal document). They also confiscated two cell phones, one electronic book, an mp3 player, two USB disks, several DVDs, internet cards with a value of twelve hundred yuan and several copies of truth-clarifying materials.

The police took him to the third floor of the Political and Security Section at the Linjiang Forestry Public Security Bureau, and handcuffed him. Yu Haitao interrogated him, but Mr. Chi did not cooperate with him. Instead, Mr. Chi asked them to show him legal documentation to justify his detention, but they could not provide any. Yu Haitao knew that he was in the wrong, but he said very hypocritically, "Let us respect each other." Mr. Chi answered, "If you want us to respect each other, why did you handcuff me even though I have committed no crime?" However, Yu Haitao still did not unlocked his handcuffs. Yu did not get a single statement from him. Mr. Chi also refused to sign his name. Mr. Chi told the police: "Since I did not violate any law, you have violated the law in arresting me and confiscating my belongings." They asked about the truth-clarifying materials and the electronic book. Chi Minxiang kept clarifying the truth to them by telling them: Those are for saving people. When the Chinese Communist Party persecuted to death so many Falun Gong practitioners, trampling on the Constitutional Law, using unfair treatment, anyone should have the right to speak. Isn't it that heaven's will was shown when in Guizhou the huge stone broke, revealing the words "Chinese Communist Party dies"? The Chinese Communist Party has killed over eighty million Chinese people, it has committed all kinds of crimes. Heaven is wiping out the Chinese Communist Party. When Dafa practitioners clarify the truth and persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers, they are actually saving people.

At around 5:00 p.m., Yu Haitao unlocked Mr. Chi's handcuffs, and returned an empty bag and keys to him. He still kept Mr. Chi's other possessions. Yu threatened him and ordered Mr. Chi to come back the next day with his brother. Mr. Chi thought: "I did not commit any crimes, this is not a place for me to stay, we should not come." In this way, Chi Minxiang left with his righteous thoughts and with Master's compassionate care.

Later on, Yu Haitao called many times to harass and threaten Mr. Chi's older brother. As a result, his brother was forced to become homeless. Their 80-year-old mother was worried all day long. The police took away money, forced his workplace to dismiss him, and persecuted him mentally, physically and financially. They defamed him by saying that Mr. Chi did not go to work, he was not filial to his mother, and he was making trouble. This fully exposes the vicious nature of the Chinese Communist Party.

Yu Haitao has several times arrested the practitioners at the Linjiang Forestry Public Security Bureau, searched their homes, fined them, monitored them and harassed them over the phone. He sentenced Wang Yanyu, Qin Siiying, Zhu Bingjuan, and Liu Hongcai to forced labor camps. He made up fake evidence to illegally sentence Gao Shouhe, Chi Minbao, Chen Shumei, and Sun Guizhi. The practitioners kept clarifying the truth to him to awaken his conscience. Yu Haitao knows that the practitioners are good people. However, he still committed crimes out of his own personal interest. In 2006, he unlawfully arrested Shao Ligui, Zhang Chuanzhu and Wang Yuzhen while they were giving out truth-clarifying materials and he fabricated evidence so as to sentence them for up to seven years. Currently, the practitioners who were arrested are still jailed in the Sangongli Detention Center at Linjiang Forestry.

On April 1, 2006, Yu Haitao arrested Liu Hongcai (who was reported for distributing truth-clarifying materials) and unlawfully detained him. On April 6, 2007, Mr. Liu was illegally detained. On April 16, he was arrested under approval by the Linjiang Forestry Procuratorate and is currently jailed at Sangongli Detention Center .

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