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Buddha's Compassionate Illumination

I always heard that teacher had an aura, however, I could not see it. I just felt that Teacher had a glow when he performed big hand signs. However I finally saw it in 1997 in a practitioner's living room where there were twenty or thirty people. As Master entered the room, I felt the aura which surrounded Him glowing brightly. Teacher was so tall, sitting there with a smile like a Buddha figure. The rays of light made the room shine. I can still remember the lifelike view.

"Cultivation Depends on One's Own Efforts While the Transformation of Gong Is Done by the Master"A lot of things regarded as difficult or impossible turn out well as long as we follow Master's requirements. I recall Teacher told us: "You did it because you had the intention. It was Teacher who actually did it." There are some examples of this in the following.

  1. Not unlike many others, our family is one that recovered from all illnesses after studying the Fa. We were not disturbed when Teacher eliminated karma for us. For example, every time a child got a high fever, no matter how severe, he or she would recover the next morning or on Monday right before school started. When we did not feel well in the early morning, we would feel better when we left for work. When we thought there were no more problems, we would not feel well when we were back at home.
  2. I decided to attend Teacher's lectures in another city, but it was difficult to get permission to be absent from school and work. When I made a decision to ask for permission to take some days off, miracles happened. When I went to Tianjin and Guangzhou, I was extraordinarily successful, and was approved without an excuse. It was even more amazing when I asked to go to Tianjin, because my boss decided to send me there on business. My daughter got a high fever before leaving for Guangzhou. However, when she arrived at the train, she became better. When she came back, it was time for final examinations. She was delayed for many classes, and was provided with a lot of homework to catch up on. She had a reputation of not being able to concentrate for a long period of time, yet she finished the papers in only two days. She even got the highest results, shocking her teachers. Our family is not unique. Other practitioners experienced similar circumstances. We finally understood that Teacher was helping us.
  3. It was the most extraordinary when we went to the Tiananmen to clarify the truth. I decided to go on the weekend and came back on Monday so it would not interfere with my work. I did not understand the concept of totally denying the old forces. As a result, I was detained for one day and came back on Sunday, which did not interfere with me going to work on Monday. Because I was in a rush to go to Tiananmen, I forgot to turn off the stove. My child discovered the pan deformed from fire and the house filled with smoke. Such a scary memory. If it was not for Master's protection, I would not even dare to think what would have happened.
  4. In 2000, when I was illegally detained in jail, once, the authorities went to ransack my house. I felt worried because I had a lot of Fa books at home, so I begged for Master's help to protect them. When I returned home, I heard from my wife that they did not see them. They could not reach the books although they stretched out their hands in their direction. They did not even see the four typewritten copies of the Fa. They just took away some tape recordings.
  5. At other lectures, I forgot to ride my bicycle home. The next day when I remembered, it was not there. I finally found it in the center of an isolated area. There are so many stories. After I left home to resist the persecution, even more supernatural events happened. I was protected by Teacher everywhere, as if I was walking on a spiritual road. I would not believe it if I did not witness it myself.

Teacher Refuses Donations

In 1999, one of the things the evil CCP charged Teacher with was accumulating wealth by unfair means, which hoodwinked many people who knew nothing about the truth. However, all practitioners understood that this was untrue. Here are some facts I know.

In Guangzhou, Teacher always had instant noodles to save expenses. When practitioners invited Teacher to dinner, He just ate the dish sitting in front of him, not looking for others. In 1995, Teacher went overseas to introduce Falun Dafa. I wondered how much it could cost. My wife and I sent some US dollars to Teacher, thinking it was more valuable for Teacher than us. After a few days, the money was returned. Teacher refused it. Teacher had His own methods. Many practitioners would like to donate, however, Teacher said personal as well as company donations would be refused

Teacher's Concern for Practitioners

Due to the fact that we are lost in the maze of everyday people, we are already accustomed to solving problems like other people do. We could not understand if we did right or wrong. Great Teacher cared about us like a father, using people and affairs around us to enlighten us. Encouragement would be for our right deeds, while reminders would be for our wrong deeds. If we were misled, He would help us find our way. He would not abandon us though we had committed wrongs.

When I had just obtained the Fa, I took my child to the zoo. I was attracted to a qigong demonstration. I went in, disregarding my wife's protests. My child wanted to leave just when it started. She noisily pulled me out, and then I understood that it was Teacher who saved me with the help of the child. Otherwise I would have gone on the wrong road.

I had a clear dream when I first obtained the Fa. It was so clear that I always thought that it was true. I dreamed of a yard which was as big as the Imperial Palace where there were grand halls and a red pavilion. They were connected with long beautiful corridors. The buildings were one meter higher than the floor. The floor in the yard was the same as the one in the palace. At that time, I practiced standing still in the pavilion like other practitioners. Next, there was a man who wanted to teach us some kind of qigong. It looked so good. However, I thought it was not Falun Gong, so I did not go there. Instead, I walked back after a while. As soon as I got to the corridor, I saw Teacher come to me quickly and say with a smile, "Cultivate your xinxing." Wearing a suit, he was tidy and ruddy-faced, looking so energetic. The three words were clear and resonant. When I awoke, I felt as if the voice came into my body. After many years passed, I forgot those dreams. I could only remember this view in my mind. It was not only an encouragement for me, but an inspiration for many years. I have been asked many times the same question, "Have you seen Li Hongzhi in person?" I always answer in the affirmative and relate some of my personal experiences. I do the same regardless of who asks, be they bosses, colleagues, relatives, friends, 610 Office thugs, police, jail guards or prisoners. They can tell I speak the truth.

To obtain the Fa was the luckiest thing for me. Falun Dafa has already become part of my life - like one of my cells.