After enjoying the Spectacular presented by Divine Performing Arts in Tainan, a mother who suffered from senile dementia and her daughter who suffered from breast cancer both experienced miraculous recoveries. This has brought their astonished family and friends a great deal of joy. When interviewed by the reporter, Ms. Lin Caifang explained that her mother had had senile dementia, depression, and insomnia. Her doctor's report said that many of her cerebral blood vessels were blocked, and her health was precarious. After returning home from the performance, her mother fell sound asleep, and her health improved thereafter. When her mother went back to the hospital to have a second brain scan, the doctor was very surprised to tell her that there were no more blocked cerebral blood vessels.

Ms. Lin Caifang had breast cancer in the past. After learning Falun Gong, there had been no relapse during the past six years. However, Ms. Lin said that she did not cultivate diligently enough and had been concerned about her physical health. Every year, she went back to the hospital to have a check-up. On April 4 of this year, she went to the hospital. After the x-ray, the nurse at the hospital hugged her and encouraged her to be brave and determined. On April 9, she went to see the Divine Performing Arts Spectacular.

On May 10, she returned to the hospital. After examining the x-ray taken previously, the doctor looked very serious, saying that Ms. Lin needed to have a complete check-up. Ms. Lin was very nervous, but the exam results showed no cancer cells at all. She believes it was the result of watching the Spectacular, since all the members of the Divine Performing Arts troupe were Falun Gong practitioners and entire contents of the Spectacular reflected the genuine culture passed down from the gods. The whole performance center was filled with a very strong righteous energy field. There are already many examples of people recovering from illnesses after seeing the Spectacular. Ms. Lin was very excited and thankful for Master Li Hongzhi and the Divine Performing Arts. She decided to be a diligent Falun Gong practitioner herself.

Yu Rong is Ms. Lin Caifang's daughter. She also practices Falun Gong. After seeing her mother and grandmother improve, she wrote an experience-sharing article to thank Falun Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi. Yu Rong's experience-sharing article is as follows.

1. My Grandmother's Sickness Is a Great Xinxing Test for Me

I have believed that once we become a practitioner, whatever we come across is not as simple as it appears to be. Whatever difficulties and tests we come across, it is Master who uses them to upgrade our "xinxing". Whenever we find that our life is full of unhappiness, it is also the time for us to look inside. Having this thought and belief in mind, my mother and I worked together to face my grandmother's sickness and pain.

Several months ago, my grandmother started to easily forget things and became hot-tempered. She became very paranoid. My mother and I were the targets for her to let off her temper. She suspected that we took her possessions, which made my mom very angry as well as very sad. As a result, my mom often argued with my grandmother. Later it was confirmed that my grandmother had developed senile dementia, and the illness was getting very serious. At that time, I told my mom that this might be a test for us to pass.

2. The Energy Field of the Cultivators Made My Grandmother Improve

My mother and I both practice Falun Gong, but my grandparents do not. However we discovered that whenever they stayed with us, they improved both physically and spiritually. So when my grandmother suddenly developed senile dementia, I believed it was also a test for me as a cultivator. We first of all learned to be "tolerant." Even when my grandmother said something that was hurtful, we still understood her without getting mad or losing our temper. Observing my grandmother, who was so attached to physical possessions, we felt that we should definitely learn to let go of our attachments. My mother and I also strengthened our efforts to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. Before my grandmother became ill, my mother and I were not diligent in cultivation. When my grandmother got sick, I understood that if we cultivated well enough, our environment would be peaceful. But since our grandmother had developed such a a tense and impatient state of mind, our cultivation environment was not good at all, so we needed to improve ourselves. My mother had some attachments that she did not want to let go of. This time when my grandmother was ill, she let the attachments go gradually. Furthermore, she was getting healthier physically and mentally due to being more diligent in cultivation.

3. My Grandmother Recovers after Watching the Spectacular Performed by Divine Performing Arts

Besides our own improvement, we would really like to thank Master for his strengthening. My grandmother's illness occurred just before the Divine Performing Arts troupe was to tour in Taiwan. Normally, my grandmother could hardly sleep at night due to her depression, but after my mother took her parents to the performance, she fell fast asleep after coming home, and she was sound asleep until the next morning. Ever since then, we have noticed that she is able to sleep and laugh as she did before. Master is really very compassionate. Even for those non-practitioners, Master still helps them. The Divine Performing Arts Spectacular spread the truth of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," so that every single being who went to see the show could start a new life different from what they had before.

4. My Mother Becomes Diligent

When my grandmother got sick, it happened to be the sixth year after my mother started getting check-ups for her breast cancer. Her doctor told her a long time ago that she didn't have this problem anymore, but she could not let go of her attachment to illness. As a result, this time when she was having her check-up, the volunteer beside her said something that was ambiguous and made my mother really concerned. My mother was worried about her health. I told her this was a test for her righteous thoughts. Fellow practitioners also persuaded her that she would be physically fine if she practiced the exercises in the morning, and she had to study more of the Fa and send forth the righteous thoughts at the regular times. Before the report of the medical check-up came back, she went with her parents to the Spectacular. A month later, I accompanied her to the hospital. It turned out that the results of the check-up showed that Mother has no more problems. After coming home, I told her that Master had once again helped her and she needed to be more diligent. Ever since that day, my mother, who did not study much of the Fa, started to study the Fa regularly every day. She also practiced the flute regularly so that she could become a member of the Divine Land Marching Band. If there are any activities to validate the Fa, she will participate and for all this, we thank Master for saving us with compassion.

With Mother's Day arriving, now that both my grandmother and mother are healthy, as their granddaughter and daughter, I feel very happy. Thank you, Master! Falun Dafa is good!