(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Wu Youping. I'm from Raoping County, Shantou City, Guangdong Province. In 2000, I was put into a detention center because of a traffic accident. In the detention center I got to know the other person in my cell, who was a Falun Dafa practitioner. In this way I obtained the Fa and began to understand the real meaning of life.

Master requires us to cultivate our mind according to the principle of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. My mind and body have benefited so much from cultivation that I cannot find the words to describe it. When such a good practice was suppressed by Jiang Zemin and his regime, I felt that I had a responsibility to stand up and defend it. I began to clarify the truth to people. However, my just actions caused the police to arrest me and search my home. They took my Dafa books and all my money and ransacked my home. Since that time, I have been brutally persecuted and tortured.

On December 13, 2002, I was arrested by police from Xinjin Police Station in the Longhu District, Shantou City. The police kicked me in the back and ribs. They also hit my head hard with their gun stocks. I was tortured so badly that I had scars everywhere. They then tried to force me to confess. Two days later, I was sent to Raoping Detention Center, where I was tortured by the police for more than ten months. Although they could not find any legal evidence of wrongdoing, I was sentenced to five years in prison. I was put in Meizhou Jail of Guangdong Province.

The Brainwashing in Meizhou Jail

Most of the practitioners in Meizhou Jail were from Guangdong Province. In the beginning, other practitioners and I were placed in different divisions in the jail, and we could not contact each other. The guards assigned three to six criminal inmates to monitor each practitioner, according to how firm the guards believed each practitioner was. Practitioners were monitored 24 hours a day and not allowed walk around freely. We were also forced to labor over the regular amount and were not allowed to talk with other prisoners.

Later, the guards thought that the "transformation" rate was too low and began to centralize all the practitioners into one division. All the guards in that division were jail instructors who had been transferred from other divisions. They had all gone to the half-year provincial training session specifically for persecuting practitioners. After they returned from the training, they first pretended to be nice in an attempt to get closer to us. Then they used every opportunity to find practitioners' weak points,and tried to magnify practitioners' attachments. They pretended to be interested in having "discussions" with practitioners, or used the excuse of "guiding us based on the law" to try to "transform" us. They also forced us to watch videos and read books with lies that slandered Dafa.

Some practitioners were forced to stay awake for a whole week. They were forced to watch the brainwashing videos without a break. Their eyes became swollen, and at the end they were forced to be "transformed." Other practitioners wanted to be released sooner and did not want to suffer the torture anymore and also got "transformed" against their wills. Two practitioners that were teachers in Shanwei City (also known as Hailufeng) strayed from Dafa and "enlightened" along an evil path.

Because I had not studied the Fa well, I always felt that I couldn't express my thoughts when debating with the authorities. Plus I felt I did not have sufficient righteous thoughts, and I had the attachment of fear. I was once "transformed" was against my will. In the end, with Master's hints, I negated the so called "transformation."

When the "transformed" people were sent away, these trained guards finally tore off their hypocritical masks and began to torture and electroshock the rest of us, who refused to be "transformed." I have recorded the brutal tortures some practitioners who refused to be transformed suffered, as well as what I went through.

Practitioner Mr. Wu Kaitao Was Forced to Wear Leg-Irons to Walk Several Kilometers Everyday

Mr. Wu Kaitao is from Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. When he was first put in prison, because he did the Falun Gong exercises, he was forced to wear leg-irons, which weigh about 25 kilograms, for almost two months. Later, because he exposed the slander and persecution of Falun Dafa during the weekly meeting, he was again forced to wear the leg-irons for almost two months, until the examining team from the province came to do an inspection. When the guards put him in the brainwashing session and tried to "transform" him, Mr. Wu refused to watch the slanderous videos and again started to do the exercises. Guards Lai and Ye saw that the hypocritical methods did not work, so they frequently shocked him with three or four electric batons. He would be tortured so badly that he could not even get up from the ground. The guards also often instigated the criminal inmates to beat him, curse at him, and pour cold water on him during the winter. They also forced him to walk several kilometers with the leg-irons. Everyday before bed, he was forced to stand still facing the wall for several hours. The guards attempted to make practitioners tired and suffer pain, so that their righteous thoughts would become weak and they would not have the time or energy to think about anything related to Dafa.

Practitioner Huang Huajie Was Detained in the "Strictly Monitoring Team" For Over a Year

Mr. Huang Huajue (might be Huang Hejie) is from Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. Previously he was sentenced to forced labor for validating Dafa. This time he was sentenced again for the same reason. When the inmates who monitored him weren't paying attention, he rushed onto the field and shouted out "Falun Dafa is good!" It frightened the authorities and also shocked the practitioners who had been "transformed." His mouth was covered and he was carried to the "Strictly Monitoring Team" by four or five criminal inmates. There, he was brutally beaten and suffered excruciating torture. He was not allowed to sleep at night, and the guards not only tortured him with electric batons, but also with an electric chair, which is one of the most brutal methods of torture. However, in the middle of the night, one often heard his yells of "Falun Dafa is good" coming out of the "Strictly Monitoring Team." Mr. Huang was kept in the "brigade of strict control" for over a year. After he was transferred out of the "Strictly Monitoring Team" he was put in the brainwashing center, but because he refused to be transformed, he was again sent to the "Strictly Monitoring Team" and was punished by having to endure extreme physical training. Everyday the guards put practitioners through extremely brutal "training" that exceeded the limit a human body can bear. If someone showed just a little sign of not wanting to cooperate, he would be brutally beaten and shocked with electric batons.

Mr. Zhuang Zepeng Was Forced to Jump and Crouch Even Though His Legs Were Disabled

Practitioner Mr. Zhuang Zepeng is from Shantou City, Guangdong Province. He was sentenced to seven years in prison because he passed out truth-clarification CDs. He had already been arrested and spent three years in prison before he was sent to the centralized brainwashing sessions. During his three years in prison, he was forced to labor for over 15 hours a day, and the guards always shocked him with electric batons. After he was transferred to the brainwashing session, guards Rao Weiqiang and Ye notice that, while other guards "transformed" certain practitioners, Mr. Zhuang Zepeng, Mr. Wu Kaitao and I, who were their responsibilities, all refused to be "transformed." They thus persecuted us even more brutally. They told the criminal inmates who were monitoring us that if they did "transform" us, some of their jail time would be deducted. The inmates thus frequently beat us and cursed at us.

One of Mr. Zhuang Zepeng's feet had been disabled at birth due to infantile paralysis. But they forced him to jump and crouch without stopping. If he got tired and stopped, he would be brutally beaten. In December, when the temperature was near freezing, he wasn't allowed to go to sleep. After midnight, every one or two hours, they pulled him to the bathroom and doused him using cold water, until he was totally exhausted and shivering. One time they instigated the criminal prisoners to write words on a cardboard that were slanderous to Dafa and Master and then forced Mr. Zhuang to wear it around his neck. When they saw that he firmly would not cooperate, they surrounded him and brutally beat and kicked him. He was beaten so badly that his whole body turned purple and he lay on the ground in pain. The guards and other inmates stood aside and made fun of his pain and his deformity. When they brutally beat Mr. Zhuang, guards Rao Weiqing and Ye always forced me to watch the miserable scene and listen to his screams. They wanted to use this method to scare and "transform" me.

The Guards Pried My Mouth Open and Repeatedly Inserted and Pulled out the Force-Feeding Tube

After some time, the guards saw that I would not be "transformed," so they decided to torture me themselves. They pulled me to the on-call room and brutally beat and kicked me. They also used several electric batons to torture me. I didn't give in, so they poured water all over me and said that this way I could conduct electricity better. They shocked me for over an hour until I lost consciousness. After that, every time they tried to persuade me to "transform" and failed, they would always beat me, kick me, and shock me with electric batons, until I could not get up from the ground.

I went on a hunger strike that lasted for a month and a half to protest the persecution, but it did not stop them from torturing me. They came in once every two or three days and said that they wanted to force-feed me. They held me on the ground, pried my mouth open with pliers, and inserted the tube into my stomach. They then pulled the tube out, inserted it again, pulled it out again, and repeated this many times. In the end, no food was forced in, but due to repeatedly inserting and pulling out the tube, lots of blood came up. This was very painful. I passed out every session. During the month and a half I was on the hunger strike, they never stopped torturing me. They would brutally beat me at any moment. Even the times when I was extremely weak and could not even walk, whenever I regained consciousness, I would be forced to stand still facing the wall for hours.

After a month and a half, when I stopped the hunger strike, I began to gain some strength. Not long after, I was sent to the "brigade of strict control" to be subjected to the extreme physical training, because I refused to be "transformed." Everyday they "trained" us so brutally that it surpassed the human body's limit of bearing pain. Whenever I was too tired and moved more slowly, they brutally shocked me with electric batons and madly beat me.

I was tortured and abused brutally for over a year. During this time, I was bearing suffering that ordinary people would not be able to endure. My will was many times at the edge of collapsing. Also there were times I could not bear the pain, and I went through the process of getting "transformed," and then negated it. If it were not for Master compassionately hinting to me and strengthening my righteous belief in Master and in the Fa, perhaps I would not be able to sustain the torment to this day.