(Clearwisdom.net) It is very important to send forth righteous thoughts. Just as Master tells us, it is the old forces, dark minions, and rotten ghosts that persecute the Dafa in other dimensions. I remember one winter morning in 2002, I got up early and went out to post truth-clarifying fliers. Just as I arrived home, a police officer with a gun broke in. He looked around menacingly, as if he was looking for truth-clarifying materials. Fortunately, he could not find anything, but he confiscated my identification card.

After the policeman left, my wife and I realized that it signified the evil coming, so we strengthened the power and frequency of our sending forth righteous thoughts each day. There was a miraculous occurrence: the next evening when we started sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw a huge, evil "thing" that resembled Jiang's ghost get eliminated. I realized that the problem was solved. I went to the police station to ask for my ID card the next morning after I got up. As I expected, the police officer had a very good attitude. The chief of the police station happened to be there, so I clarified the truth about the persecution of Dafa and returned home with my ID card.

I realized that it was necessary to write to fellow practitioners about paying attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. We should know that there are meddling deities and rotten ghosts behind the evildoers and clean out our own dimensions. I also met with tribulations that required multiple efforts to get past. I passed through successfully with dignity based on solid faith in Master with the wisdom granted by the Dafa.