(Clearwisdom.net) Xin Yu is a high school student. Before practicing Falun Dafa, he was naughty and was not good at studying in school. Several months ago, Xin Yu began to study Dafa. Since then, he has been able to restrain himself and has become a good boy. He concentrates more on studying better than before. His school report cards have also improved; his teachers and parents are very happy for him.

However, xinxing tests are also appearing for Xin Yu. Nowadays, violence is a big problem at schools; parents and teachers worry a lot about it. Therefore, Tae Kwan Do has become popular in society. Xin Yu also started to learn Tae Kwan Do, for both fulfilling his curiousness and protecting himself. One day, a competition started between Xin Yu and his friends while they were taking showers in a public bathhouse. As Xin Yu lifted up his leg, he slipped and fell. He fell on a tube and a big wound appeared on his shank. The wound was closed with twelve stitches at a hospital. Xin Yu's grandmother is also a practitioner. She went to visit and help him to find out why he was hurt. Grandma told Xin Yu that Dafa practitioners are protected by Master and are in no danger. She asked him, "Why would you learn Tae Kwan Do? Is it for showing off, or to bully others? If so, it is incorrect." Xin Yu suddenly realized that he was incorrect. "Master, I was wrong," he said sincerely in front of Master's picture. Xin Yu did not learn Tae Kwan Do anymore. Grandma often visited him and they studied the Fa and did the exercises together. Xin Yu's shank recovered quickly, and it did not interfere with his studies.

Not long after that, for no reason, a classmate said to Xin Yu, "I will beat you up every day, every time I meet you." Xin Yu did not say anything. When he returned home, he felt vexed and could not do his homework. He thought, "I should study the Fa." As he held Zhuan Falun and started to read, he felt calm. When he put Zhuan Falun down, he felt vexed again. Xin Yu told his father about what happened at school, and wanted to hear what he would say.

Xin Yu said, "I want to tell this to my teacher." Dad said, "No, you cannot. He did not really beat you up. The teacher cannot do anything about it." "Then I will tell my friends," Xin Yu said. Dad said, "You cannot do that either. What if they become angry and go beat him up? It is not good to make it serious." Xin Yu felt confused, "What if he really beats me up?" "Then you can beat him up. If he hits you, you hit back," Dad said. Xin Yu was disappointed. His father does not study the Fa, so he does not know about cultivation. The situation would not get any better by talking to him.

Xin Yu went back to study the Fa. Through the Tae Kwan Do incident, he learned that cultivators cannot follow the logic of regular people. Cultivators should look inside by comparing what is said in the Fa to what has happened. Studying the Fa can resolve everything. As Xin Yu opened the book, he opened to the section "Transformation of Karma." After reading this section, Xin Yu understood everything. He got rid of his negative thoughts. When he met his classmate again, he treated the classmate as if nothing had happened. Actually, nothing happened later. Xin Yu learned that when xinxing has improved, the test has been passed. Master protects him all the time.

Recently, Grandma went to visit Xin Yu and told him, "Every morning, practitioners in China practice together. Young practitioners should also do the exercises." Xin Yu cannot get up so early, so he finds another time to do the exercises. Sometimes it is easy for a practitioner to get slack when he cultivates alone, but Xin Yu treats everything in cultivation seriously. Once, he did the Falun Standing Stance for an hour and still did not feel tired. A few days ago, he went to his grandma and asked for some truth-clarification fliers. He said he also wants to save sentient beings.