(Clearwisdom.net) On June 9, 2005, Falun Dafa practitioner Cai Guojun from Yinchuan city in Ningxia Autonomous Region was forced to give a "confession" by National Security Team members Meng Changyi, Zhang Dingshen, Wang Man and cruel police from Qingxing District Police Department in Yinchuan City. He was crippled from the torture and persecution. On December 7, 2006, Cai Guojun and another four practitioners were again seized by the police. Xixia District Court recently held a "hearing" into their case, finding them "guilty".

On the morning of May 27, 2005, Cai Guojun and three other practitioners were kidnapped by police from the 610 office of Yinchuan City National Security Team, and Shizuishan City National Security Team. On June 8, 2005, Cai Guojun was kidnapped again to Xingqing Police Department. National Security Team leader Meng Changyi, policeman Zhang Dingshen, Lu Jianrong, Wang Man, and others tried to extort a confession out of Cai Guojun for more than ten hours. They beat him, forced him to kneel down, cuffed him from back, and made him sit on "the tiger chair" among other tortures.

To avoid further torture, Cai tried to flee the scene. While doing so he accidentally fell from the fourth floor to the ground. His pelvis bone suffered a fracture, and his lumbar vertebra bone had multiple fractures. His right arm bone also fractured (probably because of being cuffed on his back). He had treatment at the First City Hospital. The fractures were fixed with four steel plates, but Cai's right leg has become disabled.

Cai and his family members made repeated complaints and reports to the related departments and asked for justice. They requested that the criminal activities of Meng Changyi and other police be investigated. They also asked for a disabled rank appraisal for Cai, arrangement for his future employment and life, and for the corresponding economic compensation. But another year passed by, and the related departments still didn't give any replies, let alone any results.

According to one of Cai Guojun's family members, Cai was once again arrested and persecuted last December. His situation and health condition have tremendously worried his family.

It was reported that on May 15, Xixia District Court of Yinchuan City held illegal trials for Cai Guojun and other Dafa practitioners who went on hunger strikes.

Related persons and telephone numbers:
Yao Yingli, Assistant Director of Ningxia "610 Offices": 86-951-5060205 (office), 86-951-5020315 (home)
Yang Jianjun, Deputy Head of Yinchuan Police Department (In charge of persecuting Falun Gong): 86-13909503518 (cell), 86-951-6915087 (office)
Wang Man, a policeman of Yinchuan City Police Department National Security Team: 86-951-6915127 (office), 86-951-5052351 (home), 86-13007975996 (cell)
Jin Chunhua, a policeman of Yinchuan City Police Department National Security Team: 86-13099591151, 86-951-8193970
Li Jun, deputy head of Yinchuan City Police Department, head of Xingqing Police Department: 86-13709578518 (cell), 86-951-4090701 (office)
Yao Yongjin, deputy head of Xingqing District Police Department : 86-13309573777
Meng Changyi, team leader of Xingqing District Police Department : 86-13909505406