(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Cao Aihua from Alar City, Aksu Prefecture in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region was illegally sent to the Xinjiang Military Corps Women's Forced Labor Camp and died within 12 days as a result of torture. For nearly seven months her son has guarded her body at a funereal home while her other family members never stopped appealing to all levels of government, including the People's Congress, the Military Corps Forced Labor Camp Authorities, the Military Corps Prison Administration Bureau, as well as other related entities.

To address the injustice and punish the murderers who were responsible for the torture, Ms. Cao Aihua's husband, son, younger brother and sister have traveled back and forth between their home and Wujiaqu City, which is about 700 miles away, where the Military Corps Woman's Forced Labor Camp is located. Her ill father could not participate in these appeals. While bearing the pain of losing their loved one they have traveled everywhere demanding an answer from the persons-in-charge at every governmental level. However, Xinjiang Woman's Forced Labor Camp Administration Bureau Head Song said bluntly, "The investigation result is not to be released to the family members. You will get the same answer if you go to my supervisors." Song's claim for refusing to accept the appeal was that the investigation result ought not to be released to private persons. For all these months, every governmental entity has been shirking responsibility regarding Cao Aihua's death, and harboring the guilty, and even oppressing and intimidating the family members. With grief and indignation, the family members had to bear the pain of not having even the slightest bit of justice under the Chinese Communist Party's regime.

After Ms. Cao Aihua's torture death was exposed to the international community on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, Beijing issued orders to strictly investigate Internet access channels and punish the personnel. The situation for Cao Aihua's family members became even more difficult. A month ago they received a joint notice from the Xinjiang Women's Forced Labor Camp, the Xinjiang Military Corps Prison Administration Bureau, the Xinjiang Military Corps Health Bureau and the Police Department, to urge that arrangements for Ms. Cao Aihua's body be made, otherwise they would do it by force. This is the last thing the family members expected. They said with grief and indignation they would continue to appeal, no matter how financially difficult their circumstances became. The Chinese Communist Party has extorted about 300,000 yuan throughout the persecution of Ms. Cao Aihua related to her cultivation practice.

Ms. Cao Aihua's family members are now fearful of answering any phone calls except those from their family members. Her younger brother, Mr. Cao Zhizhong, has been questioned many times regarding the Internet exposure of Ms. Cao Aihua's persecution case and was threatened by the authorities. Falun Gong practitioners in Alar City, Aksu Prefecture, in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region are now under intensified surveillance and questioning.

During more than six months of appeals from the Cao family, some kind-hearted people who were familiar with and sympathetic to them provided some financial support, but the Cao family did not accept their offers. The family persists with their appeal for justice while in debt and under pressure, and demands that the government punish the murderer(s) of Cao Aihua. His mother's death and his family's six months of suffering from the appeal have put Ms. Cao Aihua's son in boundless grief and indignation, and his state of mind is worrisome. Amid such great pain, how long can Cao Aihua's family members maintain their search for justice?