(Clearwisdom.net) Officials at the Harbin Women's Prison have been directing criminal inmates to torture Falun Gong practitioners. The following is a partial list of facts.

(1) Ms. Sun Jinkui, a practitioner who had been held in Section 2 of the prison, was transferred to the "Training and Transforming Base" for further torture and persecution. Zheng Yumei, a female inmate collaborating with the prison staff, searched Ms. Sun's belongings and found all her hand-written Falun Gong articles, turned them in to the staff, and was rewarded for "meritorious service." Practitioners Ms. Liu Kun and Ms. Pu Yingshu, also imprisoned in Section 2, were transferred to Section 11 for ongoing torture.

(2) Prison Sections 11 and 13 were specifically established to persecute female practitioners. Every practitioner was watched by eight inmates. The practitioners were not allowed to sleep and were forced to sit on stools that were only two inches wide. They were not allowed to move. During the daytime, the practitioners were forced to watch a DVD that slandered Falun Gong. Several prisoners took turns monitoring the practitioners. Even other prisoners could feel the pressure in Sections 11 and 13 because they were completely isolated, and no one was permitted to communicate with another prisoner.

(3) Practitioner Ms. Wang Hongzhou from Hailin City in Mudanjiang was in very good physical and mental health when she was first imprisoned. The day after the torture began, she start vomiting and coughing up blood. She was in a confused mental state, and when around people, she dared not speak.

(4) When the guards and collaborators of Sections 11 and 13 could not "transform" Dafa practitioners, they were once again transferred to different sections. If practitioners persecuted in Section 3 could not be "transformed" after being sent to Section 11, they were transferred to Section 2 again. Practitioners have no human rights at all in this prison. Guards frequently met with the criminal inmates, who were used by the prison. The guards pushed the inmates to monitor the practitioners and prevent them from communicating with one another. When Dafa practitioners refused to cooperate with these unreasonable conditions, the guards castigated the inmates, stirring up hatred towards Falun Dafa practitioners.