(Clearwisdom.net) In May 1993, at the invitation from the Guizhou Province Qigong Association, Falun Gong founder Master Li Hongzhi came to Guiyang City to teach the Fa and the Falun Gong exercises.

Practitioner A recalled:

On May 25 I hurried to be on the first bus and arrived early at the Geology and Mining Elementary School's main entrance. I saw a tall young man with an outstanding dignified appearance and a healthy complexion. He and his assistants hung a banner displaying the Falun emblem and the words: "Eight Key Characteristics of Falun Dafa," over the door. They also handed out flyers introducing Falun Gong to the curious people who were arriving. I went forward to inquire also; only then was I told that the tall young man was the nation's reputable Falun Gong founder, Master Li.

I had the highest admiration in my heart. I had seen qigong masters in the past; each and every one of them was arrogant. I had never seen such an amiable, easy-going, affable qigong Master who helped his students set up the classroom.

Following the presentation, everyone felt as if he had met a family member and freely asked Master Li many questions about how to do the exercises, about worshiping Buddha, faith in Gods - and so on. Master Li always smiled and took great patience in answering, but instructed earnestly. Master Li's answers to the questions were profound, yet simple and clear. Every word touched people's minds. It felt extremely comfortable listening, just like a clear stream flowing through one's heart. Everyone had heartfelt admiration for Master and was eager to purchase a ticket to attend the Falun Gong lecture.

Master Li purified the bodies of those people who came to the site to inquire. Master Li's energy was extremely strong. It took effect amazingly quick, and the effects of the body purification were felt immediately. Many people's stubborn illnesses vanished instantly. At that time I suffered from gallstones and severe gastric disease, making my body hurt everywhere. On top of that, sciatica made me unable to stand still. I had been looking for a cure and medicine for years. I had become a notorious "medicine jar." To my surprise, after Master Li adjusted my body, I immediately felt a cold discharge out one foot. I felt instantly quite refreshed and had a light feeling I never had before. I thought Falun Gong was so powerful. Once back home I immediately told my relatives, friends and colleagues of Falun Gong's marvelous effects. Thus, several dozen people came to attend the first Guizhou Falun Gong class. In some places people arrived in several buses to attend the lecture.

Practitioner B recalled:

In the afternoon of May 25, 1993, I was fortunate to attend Master's first class in Guiyang. It was held in the Workers' Palace of Culture. The admission ticket was just five yuan (less than $1). About 500 people attended the lecture; all the seats were taken. The hallway was also filled with people. The atmosphere of the entire class was auspicious. When Master walked energetically toward the lecture table, people burst into thunderous applause. Master elaborated on the broad and profound characteristics of Dafa, pointing out that Falun Gong not only had a wonderful effect on physical health, but also helps the practitioner to assimilate to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. It will nourish one's mind, improve one's spiritual level, and finally achieve the wonder of returning one to one's true origin. The students felt that every word Master said touched the heart, passing through the ear like thunder. Our mental blocks were suddenly lifted, changing our world view completely. From that time on, the practitioners would no longer struggle for fame and fortune and get confused by emotion.

I was thoroughly convinced that Master is so righteous; the cultivation way was so good. This was an opportunity hard to miss. I had been fortunate enough to obtain the "Fa" and I would be determined to cultivate. Master sent out the incomparably mighty Gong during the lecture to clean up students' bodies, and removed all the bad elements in students' bodies. As soon as Master waved his hand, students received great blessings. Of cause, there were some who had lower enlightenment quality. There were some who even sneaked in without paying for a ticket. Master actually knew this, yet kindly warned people that one must be honest to receive benefits.

Practitioner C recalled:

After I was fortunate to attend Master's class, Master's local northeastern accent often reverberated near my ear. I really did not know how many years I had cultivated in past lives to have this predestined relationship. After that lecture I again attended several of Master's Falun Gong classes in Guiyang. The more classes I attended, the more energetic I became. At the same time, because of my practicing Dafa, the three generations of my family also embraced Master's graciousness and enormous power.

In May of 1993 when Master came to Guiyang to teach the Fa, my then five-year-old grandson also attended Master's class. When he was sitting and listening, he noticed that a nearby older lady didn't have a seat. He let the lady have the seat and himself crawled under Master's lecture table. Master saw that he was seriously listening to the lecture in a naïve, lovable pose; Master smiled and nodded at him. This instantaneous Buddha light planted a seed deeply in his heart. It became his source of power to practice Dafa, and to hold firm to the recognition that Falun Dafa is the true Fa. It also aided him afterwards to resist a teenager's typical moral decline once exposed to the world. Before my grandson enrolled in elementary school, as soon as the alarm clock went off early in the morning he would immediately get up and follow grandma to the park, to do the Falun Gong exercises. After he enrolled in school, every time he saw the raising of the Chinese Communist Party flag he would send forth righteous thoughts and recite Master's Fa-rectification verse. Whenever he had time he would follow grandma to spread the Fa. My grandson is now a senior in high school. Though he is busy preparing for the college admission test, he still does not forget to clarify the facts to his teachers and classmates.

When we learned that Master would hold a second Falun Gong class in Jinan, I hurried back to our original hometown in the northeast. I brought our relatives and friends to Jinan City. After attending Master's Falun Gong class, my older sister, over 70 years old, who had never attended school could read through Dafa books! My over 60-year-old younger brother also held faith in Master and the Fa. He later carried the Fa lecture recordings with him all day long and went to towns and villages to let more predestined people know of this most righteous, most mighty Gong.

My son-in-law, who was a police department officer, became totally different after Master purified his body. Before coming to the Jinan class, he had aplastic anemia, and frequently had a continuously bleeding and pale complexion. He went to many hospitals but to no avail. He was depressed for having this incurable illness at a young age. He was living in despair; one day seemed like a whole year to him. Returning home after the Jinan class was a sensation! He became energetic and has a healthy complexion. He learned from his wife that the third day after he left for Jinan, a large tree outside his home was hit by lightening and snapped. When the tree root was dug up to be examined, the workers found several hundred deadly, small snakes. Master had already cleaned up his place. As soon as this information spread, no one within a hundred miles doubted the mighty power of Falun Gong and Master's marvelous abilities. It led to nearly a hundred households joining in Falun Gong practice.

Practitioner D recalled:

Because my father was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I had lived in a bitter life since childhood. Living in difficulty, I developed chronic illnesses. I suffered from hepatitis, dysentery, Meniere's syndrome and so on. I was distressed and tired of life. In addition, my husband was a target of persecution during the Great Cultural Revolution. He really experienced events that put him close to death several times. Our lives felt hopeless; the misery was beyond description.

But the heavens never close all its doors. In 1993 Master brought the valuable treasure of Dafa to Guiyang, bringing light and hope to all the sentient being there. Within the great kindness of Falun Dafa, our family shed our broken hearts and became broadminded and saw rays of hope.

After Master purified students' bodies during the lecture, not only did my physical symptoms disappear, but Master also resolved everything else that bothered me. Master told us compassionately, "I not only save you; I also need to return things to their proper place, where they should be."

In my more than ten years of practicing Falun Gong, I realize that as long as we walk on the road Master has given us, no matter how difficult, we can all make it, as we have Master's protection.

In 1994 Master conducted the last Falun Gong class in Guangzhou. Many Guizhou students immediately purchased tickets through the mail. When they got to Guangzhou they saw an occasion unmatched in grandeur. It was said that about 6,000 to 7,000 people attended the class. When Master walked around the field to clean up the environment, He noticed that many students who were unable to buy tickets were crying. Master immediately made some arrangements. Later on, during the teaching, Master said that the students outside in the field or behind the building would benefit equally.

Master took care of many things. When he was teaching the Fa in Guangzhou, although He was busy, He met with the Guizhou students to get to know how Guizhou practitioners were doing in their practice. One practitioner brought her grandson to the meeting. Master liked children very much. He stroked the boy's head twice. That very evening this child got a high fever to eliminate karma. The next day when the child went to the field to listen to the Fa lecture he had completely recovered. Master had purified the boy's body. This fortunate young fellow was young then, but he still has a vivid memory of this experience. He turned Master's caring into a source of strength in his cultivation practice.

This article is only a small, historic recollection of Master teaching the Fa in Guizhou. I hope more practitioners will write their precious memories and cultivation experiences down to validate the Fa's grandeur and marvels. We need to rescue more sentient beings under this enormous and powerful Buddha grace.