(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Jingying and her three sons are all Dafa practitioners, living in Lingwu City, Ningxia Autonomous Region. They live without their father, who has passed away. The whole family is harmonious and gets along well with the neighbors. On July 22, 1999, the police began a campaign of persecution against Ms. Zhang's family. The eldest son, Bai Bin, was illegally sentenced to a prison term of ten years. The second oldest son, Bai Jun, was given a term of four years. The youngest son, Bai Tao, was given a term of three years at a forced labor camp.

On the afternoon of July 22, 1999, Section Chief of Political Security Zhang Zhanlin from the Lingwu Municipal Police Station led a group of police officers to Ms. Zhang's home. They searched for Dafa books and took away Master's portrait. They took Bai Bin to the Baimen Police Station in Lingwu City, handcuffed him, and put him in a one cubic meter iron cage. The next day, Ms. Zhang went to the police station to request her son's release. When Ms. Zhang saw the police return her son to the iron cage like an animal, she couldn't help but cry. She tried clarifying the truth to the police, but the officers said they were just acting on orders from higher authorities. Only after they had extorted 3000 yuan did they release Bai Bin. Ever since that day, police officers have harassed her family on a daily basis, sometimes even during the middle of the night.

On October 1, 1999, police from Lingwu Municipal Police Station arrested Bai Bin again and illegally imprisoned him for seven days.

In March 2000, Bai Bin and Bai Tao went to Beijing to appeal for help. The Lingwu Municipal Police Station sent people to arrest them and held them in a detention center for 15 days.

Later that year, Bai Bin was arrested by police and sent to Ningxia Baitugang Forced Labor Camp, where he was subjected to three years of forced labor. For various reasons, he left the jail before his term expired.

On September 9, 2002, Bai Bin was arrested by police. The judges illegally sentenced him to ten years in prison because he defended his actions by clarifying the truth and saying that Falun Dafa is good. He refused to sign the documents given to him, and was sent to the second ward of Shizuishan Jail in Ningxia.

While in jail, Bai Bin told the guards that he had not committed a crime, so he would not recite the prison regulations or wear prison clothes. Police tried to force him to do hard labor. They tortured him by forcing him to bend forward with his head supporting his weight against a wall for long periods of time, while his hands are held behind his back. Bai Bin wrote an article entitled "Fabricated Lies." It was later found by police, and he was placed in solitary confinement.

His family would often travel a long way to visit him, but each time they were turned away and not allowed to see him.

On November 16, 2002, Bai Jun was illegally sentenced to a four-year prison term for clarifying the truth. He was sent to Hedong Jail in Ningxia Province. When they arrested Bai Jun, his home was searched and left in a mess. During the search, they robbed him of 6,500 yuan. After he was arrested, there was no one to care for his 40-50 carrier pigeons, worth around 10,000 yuan. They died of starvation.

One of Bai Jun's friends went to the police station and said, "Mr. Bai is a good person. Please release him." The section chief of political security Zhang Zhanlin said, "As long as his family pays several thousand yuan, we might release him." He said that more than ten Falun Gong practitioners' families had paid the money. All of them were released. Bai Jun's friend quickly told Ms. Zhang that police were trying to deceive her into paying a bribe.

Ms. Zhang went to the police station and said, "Please release Bai Jun quickly. You've arrested all three of my sons. How can I go on when its just me, an old lady, left?" The police replied, "Just pay the money, then." She said, "You have already pushed my family to our limits. What money do I have to give you?"

Section Chief Zhang Zhanlin knew that Ms. Zhang couldn't pay the money. He delivered Bai Jun's case to the Procuratorate for prosecution. As a result, Bai Jun was illegally sentenced to a term of four years in Hedong Jail.

Ms. Zhang went to the court, clarified the truth to the judge, and asked for the return of the money stolen by police. The judge said that the police station had confiscated the money because they reported that it was used in the commission of a crime. Ms. Zhang went to hire an attorney. The attorney told her, "Nobody will dare to defend a Falun Gong case, even if you pay them. Your money won't do you any good."

While in jail, Bai Jun did not recite the prison regulations. Police tied his wrists behind his back with rope. The rope was very tight, and they left him like that for several hours after restricting his blood flow. Later on, they told him to move some bricks. A brick landed on his foot, causing it to swell up at once. Police would not allow him to take a break even after that.

When Bai Jun's wife and father-in-law visited him, police tried to turn them against Dafa. His wife actually believed the police officer's slander. The next time she visited him, she said that if he continues to practice Falun Gong, she will divorce him. The evening Bai Jun was arrested, seven to eight police officers went to his father-in-law's home. On another night, they took his wife and his father-in-law to the police station and interrogated them. They were released the next day.

The youngest son is illegally "reeducated through labor" for three years

In November 2001, after Bai Tao was reported to the authorities because he distributed truth-clarification fliers, he was sent to Baitugong Forced Labor Camp and "re-educated through labor" for three years.

In July 2004, Ms. Zhang's daughter-in-law divorced her eldest son, Bai Bin. Their son Bai Xinyu had to be taken in by Ms. Zhang.

Since the persecution of Dafa was widespread at that point in time, Ms. Zhang's company held meetings where they criticized and denounced Dafa. In the meetings, they encouraged her to criticize Dafa, as well. She always responded by clarifying the truth, thinking they obviously didn't understand Dafa. They tried to threaten her with the loss of her job and told her to stop defending Dafa, but she never gave up in telling people about how Dafa made her a healthier and better person.

The police confiscated her family's property and possessions, and continued to methodically persecute them one after another. After several years, there are several dozen incidents of confiscation and harassment. The economic loss to their family is around 200,000 yuan, in addition to the loss of three sons through imprisonment.

We must help bring an end to the persecution of practitioners as soon as possible.
People responsible for the persecution:
Section Chief of Political Security, Lingwu Municipal Police Station: Zhang Zhanlin, male (retired)
Section Instructor of Political Security, Lingwu Municipal Police Station: Yang Yongqiang, male
Commissar at Lingwu Municipal Police Station and director of the 610 Office: Ma Yinglong, male
Police officer of Lingwu Municipal Police Station: Shi Jun
Police officer of Lingwu Municipal Police Station: Yao Juxian