(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Lin Mingli from Shanghai is currently detained at the Tilanqiao Prison, in Shanghai City. His wife visited him there on May 8, 2007. They had not seen each other for over a year. She still doesn't know in which prison division her husband is detained. During the visit she noticed that her husband looked thin, and she was only able to ask him some brief questions through the glass partition. Mr. Lin Mingli has been detained in the Lantiqiao Prison since April 2007. He was previously detained in the Xinshou Prison, Qinpu District in Shanghai for three months. He clearly knows that he didn't violate any law and that it is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that brutally persecutes kind people.

Lin Mingli was illegally arrested on October 9, 2005. Putuo District Court agents in Shanghai sentenced him to six years of prison in November 2006.

The power went suddenly out in Lin Mingli's apartment at 10:00 p.m. on October 9, 2005, but the neighbors' lights were still on. Lin Mingli decided to go for a walk with his wife. On their way back at around 11:00 p.m., four men stopped them and arrested the couple. These men then rushed into the couple's home and thoroughly searched the apartment, from 11:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. The couple were then taken to the Aomenlu Police Station in the Putuo District.

That night, agents from the National Security Division interrogated Mr. Lin's wife and continued to detain her into the next morning. She couldn't tolerate it any longer, and rushed into the hall of the police station building and called out loudly, protesting the police's illegal detention of innocent citizens. At that time, Lin Mingli had just been taken to the hallway and heard his wife publicly exposing the fact that the police had detained her and were still holding her with no just reason. To protect his wife, Mr. Lin said to the 610 Office police, "I will die here if you don't let her go." He hit his head against the concrete floor, and as a result, his face and head were covered with blood.

Police from the 610 Office and from the National Security Division arrest people first and then look for evidence against them. When they conduct the arrests, they don't even show their IDs. During a one-year period, they gave Lin Mingli's family members no explanation for the arrests. Later it was learned that the police were looking everywhere for so-called evidence.

Lin Mingli's elder brother Lin Zhenli (currently in Canada) said, "Last November (2006), when the court announced the sentence it only provided one so-called piece evidence, a statement from someone who claimed that Lin Mingli made a CD copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party." They wasted all that time and came up with only one 'evidence' statement. There were no witness testimonies and no material evidence. Based on such a statement, they sentenced him to six years in prison."

After appealing to a higher court, which still takes orders from the CCP authorities, though there was no compelling evidence, the original verdict was upheld. Such conduct from a supposedly ethical law body is indeed brazenly profaning that law and using it to persecute kind people.

Related personnel and work units:
Wu Zhiming, head of Shanghai Police Department and head of the Politics and Law Committee: 86-21-6372-3030
No. 2 Shanghai Middle Court (the higher court to which Lin Mingli appealed): 86-21-56700000, 86-21-56625571
Putuo District People's Court: 86-21-62656265
Xie Xiaoyan, the judge in the case: 86-21-5256-4588, ext 8808
Tang Min, the presiding judge (who was also involved in the sentence of Qu Yanlai)
Putuo District People's Procuratorate: 86-21-62562000