(Clearwisdom.net) During the National People's Congress, a team was formed that included officials from the Anguo City Government of Hebei Province, the City Police Department, the Department of Industry and Commerce, and the Cable TV Station of the city. They illegally destroyed all the satellite receivers in all the towns and villages. With the stated excuse that they were stopping any unstable situation from happening, they installed cable TV for the common people. This behavior directly opposed the basic rights of the people.

Do government officials have the right to destroy satellite dishes as they wish? How can common people live like this? Destroying people's satellite dishes, without obtaining their approval, really violate the rights of the people.

Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, Li Shimin said, "The people are like water and government officials are like boats. Water can either support the boats or sink the boats." A government official should maintain and guarantee the safety of the common people. Otherwise, he (or she) will lose their popularity and it will be difficult for him to continue being a government official. If that happens, the people surrounding him will hate him. No one will be willing to work with or for him. The people will think about other alternatives. Therefore, the people's wishes should be taken into consideration through normal channels.

A satellite dish and a receiver cost only about 200 yuan. They can be used for years. However, the installation fee for cable TV costs more than 300 yuan. In addition, the annual fee is more than 120 yuan. If there are two TVs in a home, 170 additional yuan for the installation fee and 60 additional yuan for the annual fee are required. On top of all the fees, all the TV programs for cable TV are pre-selected by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The people no longer have access to media that is not influenced by the CCP.

Common people have the right to know and understand the truth. How could the Chinese Communist Party forcibly deprive the people of their basic rights? Ordinary people have the ability to tell what is right or wrong. They don't need someone else to control their thoughts. Choosing which media to look at is the basic right of the people. Moreover, the personal items that people purchase are their own private property. No one else can destroy them without the agreement of the owners. No matter who does it, he (or she) is wrong. The people have the right to sue those who damage their property. It is a righteous action to protect private property from being destroyed by government officials.

Why does the CCP dare to face the nation's condemnation, act willfully, and force all people to follow its will? What's the real purpose?

The truth is that a lot of TV programs available via satellite expose the notorious lies that have been told by the CCP throughout its 50 years of governing. The so-called "Long March of the Red Army" was just a big escape. The so called "guerrilla war against the Japanese" was actually not fighting against Japan at all, but only expanding the CCP's power. The CCP killed countless people over the course of its different campaigns, such as the Cultural Revolution. The June 4th student movement was a patriotic activity on the part of students, to fight against graft and corruption at the government level and to protect their basic human rights. However, the brutal CCP opened fire on the students gathered on Tiananmen Square. The CCP persecutes Falun Gong practitioners who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance," and even harvests their organs for huge profits while they are still alive.

Since the CCP took over China, about 80 million Chinese people have died unnatural deaths. Satellite TV programs also exposed the real reason for the "Tragedy at the Dinzhou Power Plant." Most recently, because of the CCP's forced birth control strategy, fifty thousand people in the Bobai District, Guangxi Province started a protest. They destroyed a sign with "CCP" on it and burned CCP cars and offices. This news was truthfully reported by satellite TV programs.

Currently in China, government officials collude with business people to rob money from the common people. This is actually forcing the common people into a dead end. There is an ancient Chinese proverb, "Officials force common people to revolt. Common people could not help but revolt." The cable TV programs do not truthfully report what is happening in the outside world. The CCP only allows things that uplift its image to be reported. It tries to hide the truths that could deteriorate its power. However, it is unable to prevent the satellite TV programs from exposing its true nature and revealing how the CCP abuses its power to deceive the Chinese people.

The real reason for the CCP's destruction of satellite dishes is that it does not want the Chinese people to know of its numerous crimes. As Chinese, we have the right to know everything that has happened domestically. Every Chinese person cares about the future of China. Folks, use your satellite dishes and receivers to find out what is happening at home and in the outside world!