(Clearwisdom.net) CCTV (China Central Television) recently broadcast a TV series called Zheng Guan Chang Ge, which claimed to be a tribute and documentary about the great Tang Dynasty. I downloaded the whole series, as I have enjoyed New Tang Dynasty TV's programs and was interested in that period in history. The Tang Dynasty represented China's most prosperous era in our divinely inspired cultural history spanning 5,000 years. The people of that era held themselves to high moral standards and exhibited the virtues of loyalty, filial piety, and etiquette. All of these were part of the divinely-imparted culture, so of course it was a great period.

However, when I watched the CCP-created TV series, I saw nothing but CCP (Chinese Communist Party) culture. On the surface, things appeared to be good. The emperor appeared to be merciful and the ministers were loyal, but the story was leading people down a wrong path. Underlying their actions, people were plotting against each other, betraying honor for money and turning on relatives and friends out of self-interest. The program justified all of these things convincingly, making these dirty things appear reasonable. How can something like this be viewed as divine culture? How can these things be true representations of the Tang Dynasty? They are blatant displays of Communist Party culture. The CCP was, from its inception, based on plotting and pitting people against each other, always talking about lofty things while doing underhanded deeds, and to this day it is still deceiving the greater part of the Chinese population.

Aside from this being a reflection of the CCP's usual base behavior, could it be that our practitioners were overly attached to the Tang Dynasty, thus creating an attachment that was taken advantage of by the old forces? The old forces had such a TV program created to slander and skew people's definition of divine culture. They want people to think that the Chinese culture of ancient times is the same as the CCP's culture as shown in their TV series - one that considers personal interest to be supreme above all else.

We are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. Every step we take should be righteous and should leave no loophole for the old forces to exploit. We must do everything that we should, but not with attachments.