(Clearwisdom.net) As of March 14, 2007 I have practiced the cultivation for 13 years. I had attended Master's second-term lecture in Tianjin City, seventh-term and eighth-term lectures in Changchun City and second-term lecture in Jinan City. As a fortunate Dafa practitioner who personally listened to Master's lectures, I feel it is my duty to record the details when Master disseminated the Fa during those years. This is for the purpose of letting future sentient beings in the new universe know the splendid history of Master's Fa-rectification. Today is Master's birthday. I would like to present this article to Master as a birthday gift to Him and use my purest heart to glorify Master's vast and mighty grace.

1. Master Installed a Falun for me

During the several years before I began Fa study I had been profoundly depressed. I instinctively felt that cultivation was my only purpose to have come to the human world. But it was so arduous to find a master. I did not know how to cultivate.

Toward the end of 1993, a friend of mine introduced me to a book - China Falun Gong. I immediately realized that the messages in this book represented a precious, high-level cultivation system. I was determined to follow Master to practice "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." I heard that the second-term lecture in Tianjin City would soon start and I immediately registered for it. All new practitioners then had to fill out a registration form that included basic personal information, such as what illnesses you might have. I thought about it. I did not really have any illnesses. I simply felt physically uncomfortable everywhere. But my purpose to attend the lecture was not to seek a cure. I wrote in the comments column, "My biggest wish in life is to cultivate a righteous Fa, reach consummation, and save myself as well as sentient beings." Those were the words from the bottom of my heart that I wanted to say to Master for many years.

As soon as I got onto the train to Tianjin City, the unhappiness and grief of many years all disappeared. Especially when I reached Tianjin I felt even more illuminated by the peaceful Buddha-light.

To stay closer to the Bayi Auditorium where Master gave lectures we stayed at the plain Tianjin Army Reception House. It cost 20 yuan per bed. We heard that Master and his daughter lived in a room on the fourth floor. On the first day, before the class, I was having dinner with a friend in the dining hall. The food was plain, and few people were present. As soon as we sat down at a table next to the kitchen we saw a young man in his twenties or thirties walk out of the kitchen and sit at our table. There was only one seat in between us. I was shocked: wasn't this Master? Master had on a light colored jacket. He was eye-catching, as if he was shining. Master was eating a bowl of rice and a small plate of bean sprouts, eating quietly. Seeing Master was so down to earth, I thought, "This Master is not an ordinary one." I was filled with deep esteem. I had never listened to Master's lectures before. I did not understand anything yet. I was merely eating my food quietly. All of a sudden I felt a discomfort in my lower abdomen and I told my friend quietly about it. But we all thought we had been eating clean food since we got there, that there should not be anything causing diarrhea. Master heard our conversation. He did not say anything and left soon after he finished eating. We then finished quickly and went to the auditorium.

Not too long after Master started the lectures he started installing Falun for everybody. He asked everyone to open one hand to feel it. Right then, I felt that strange sensation again in my lower abdomen. I also felt a spinning sensation. I suddenly realized that Master already installed a Falun for me earlier, while we were eating! I truly understood the meaning of "A Tathagata must descend to the world quietly." ("Enlightenment" in Essentials for Further Advancement. The Great Enlightened Beings can save human beings as they pass by you.

2. I Finally Found My Master!

Since my college days I had formed a habit to suspect and criticize all theories. However, during the first three days of listening to Master's lectures my mental dam completely collapsed. I thought, "This Master has so much wisdom. It's impossible to imagine this. He is teaching us history and everything about the whole universe. These are Fa principles that are beyond ordinary people's knowledge." The next day my celestial eyes opened as Master lectured on the celestial eye. Every now and then I saw Master on the stage as a great Buddha, with his eyes emitting golden light. But when I tried to focus and see it clearly, I could not see it any more. What I saw then was Master, wearing a suit, in this dimension. After the class on the third day I had only one thought - I wanted to show my greatest respect to Master and bow to Master in a traditional Chinese way. It was as if I did not do that I would not be able to express my gratitude and respect. I understood that Dafa was what I had been waiting for and searching for my whole life. It turned out that the foundation of the universe does exist.

I recalled one day from the years before I obtained the Fa. I was meditating and had one thought, "Who is my Master? Where is my Master?" Then there was an image of an enlightened being meditating. I indistinctively heard a voice, "He is in his forties, a male." The person lecturing on the stage is my Master! I finally found my Master! I called in my heart over and over again "Master! Master!" Tears ran down my face.

On the fourth day, when my true nature was completely awake, I went back to the reception house. It was quiet in the building. Everybody was having an early afternoon nap. While I was on the stairs toward the second floor, I saw Master walking downstairs. We were facing each other. I was so excited. But my mind was completely blank. I was under complete control of Master's peaceful energy field and I was only able to say, "Hello, Master!" Master smiled and nodded at me.

Later, during the Changchun Lecture, several of us remained after a class to convey Master our thoughts of spreading the Fa. Master stood by the edge of the stage. We were standing right next to Master. I had the opportunity to look closely at Master. Master's skin was so smooth and fine, even smoother than a baby's skin. I could not even see the pores. Master had a healthy facial tone. I thought, "How different the source and structure of our lives is and that of Master!" (Master eventually addressed this issue during the lecture in Ditan Park, Beijing in 1996). I saluted Master with two hands pressed together and vowed in my heart, "Master, I will follow you until reaching consummation and returning to my true home!" Master looked at me, smiled and saw through my heart. Later, every time I thought of those happy moments, I truly realized that Master is happy and gratified to see his disciples cultivating in the Fa. It is like compassionate parents welcoming the children home who have been lost for so many years.

Many practitioners who attended Master's lectures had the same experience: even if it was an auditorium that could hold thousands of people, no matter which corner you sat in, you would feel as if Master was looking at you and teaching the Fa specifically to you. Toward the end of each lecture Master always asked us to write experience- sharing articles. Master read every single article. Usually at least a thousand practitioners would participate. How much effort would it take for Master to read all articles from the practitioners!

One day I thought, "After listening to Master's lectures I felt I could let go all of the attachments, except the emotional attachment between a man and a woman. How could I let it go?" The next day, Master spoke of "Loss and Gain." I felt Master was talking to me as he was looking at me: young man, you would not lose it if it is meant to be yours. If it is not yours - even if you pursue it hard - you still will not get it. Master's words were like thunder by my ears. The dirty attachment immediately burst. By the time I listened to the seventh and eighth lectures I felt as if huge chunks of bad things were being eliminated from my body, due to Master's mighty Gong in other dimensions. My body was purified and I felt great. When Master was teaching the ninth lecture I could not stop crying. It might be like Master said - it was my Assistant Spirit who saw what Master did for me and became so excited and did not know how to thank Master and could not repay Master, even if I spent my whole life trying.

After the lecture in Tianjin City ended I felt as if Master had removed my heart, cleaned it and replaced it in its proper spot. I felt huge physical and mental changes. Every time people ask me about my journey to Tianjin I would tell them, "I found my Master. I can rest assured." I know Master gave me a new life. From then on, I would follow Master until the end and return to my true home.

3. Completely Living for Others

Master often taught us to become a good person, a better than good person, until we become someone who lives for others. Master has actually been our best role model.

When Master was giving lectures in Mingfang Gong, Jilin University, one day, right after the class, Master suddenly said to everyone, "Wait a minute, everyone." Master then walked down the stage, downstairs to upstairs and walked around the whole auditorium so every practitioner was able to see Master clearly close up. Master walked very slowly. He would walk through every aisle, considering the wish every practitioner had to look at Master closely. Master waved at everyone and looked at everyone as he walked by. When he saw familiar practitioners saying hi to Master he would also smile, wave and nod at them. One older practitioner from Beijing could not stop the tears from running down her face as she listened to Master's lectures those several days. Master noticed that. When Master passed by her he said to her, "What happened? Don't cry any more!" I simply felt that no king in the human world could compare to Master's image. No human language could describe Master's brilliance, nobility, stateliness and grandeur. Master is the "King of Kings." But on the other hand, Master was like a family member - so close, so pure and modest.

The last day during the eighth-term Changchun lecture Master heard that some practitioners from Beijing had booked return train tickets for that same night. It is not easy to obtain train tickets. In order to assure these practitioners could return home on time and also for us to finish the whole class, Master intentionally moved up the time for the questions and answers session for that day.

There are endless examples of Master always thinking of others and Dafa practitioners. It happened at every lecture. At the conclusion of each lecture, when practitioners offered silk banners to show Master their gratitude and respect, Master always stood on stage and smiled without saying anything. His facial expression was nice and kind and parental. Master always looked benevolently at each practitioner who held his hands and cried and spoke of their gratitude with moist eyes, even when wanting to bow to him according to tradition. We often are touched: why is Master so kind?

I was not able to attend Master's lecture in Zhengzhou City. But I heard a personal story from a practitioner. Several Beijing practitioners had made a small laminated Falun emblem and wanted to sell it to practitioners for a low price, thinking to charge eight yuan. All of them had just been introduced to the Fa. They understood they needed to get rid of the attachment to money and should not make any profit from Dafa, thinking the price was low enough. During the break a woman practitioner went to show Master the emblem and ask for Master's opinions. After Master heard the price he immediately said, "I think this is probably just worth 80 cents." The price Master quoted was ten times lower than their originally set price. The woman cried. This taught all of us a lesson: Master always thinks of practitioners. He does not want to put any financial pressure on practitioners. Most importantly, Master is being responsible for disseminating the Fa for generations to come. He is teaching us the principles of taking money or possessions lightly, so we walk on the most righteous path. Master is at the same time responsible for practitioners' cultivation and for practitioners to eliminate as much as possible their attachment to money.

When Master taught us how to sit in the lotus position, he always demonstrated this himself on the table. He usually took off his jacket, handed it over to a disciple nearby and moved the table and chairs himself. That scene was like master and disciple working together in a factory. Sometimes, after a day's lecture was over, Master did not take a break and continued to help workers make necessary adjustments to the equipment. In Tianjin City I heard a story from a practitioner who had gone to ask Master's input on something. Upon entering Master's room the practitioner saw Master washing his shirt himself and saw Master's lunch in a bowl: it was instant noodles. A person who teaches us the Dafa of the universe endures tremendous hardships for sentient beings yet lives such a simple life. This grandeur is so profound; we disciples could learn from it forever.

4. Master Turning the Great Falun

During the Changchun lecture I heard somebody making a Dafa-deviating comment saying, "The Last Havoc is coming. We all have missions." Right at the beginning after the break Master said seriously, "For some people, your mission is fake." Master advised them to quickly renounce their comment. I was quite surprised and thought, "Master was not present. How did Master know that?"

At almost every closing speech as I can recall, Master stood up to talk to everyone. Master told us repeatedly that spreading this Fa is not easy. It is not as simple as it appears to be. You should cherish the opportunity. Do not lose it easily simply because you feel it came easily to you. If you lose this opportunity, you might never again get such an opportunity.

We did not completely understand what Master was trying to say but simply felt sad and heavy and wanted to cry. We felt Master's words were somber, containing profound connotations and mysteries. Now that I recall, I realized that his words included the unimaginable hardships of Master's Fa-rectification during the long history of the universe, and the tribulations Master had to endure for saving sentient beings. His words indicated the presence of evil interference with Master's Fa-rectification by the old forces after July 20, 1999, including huge tribulations for Dafa practitioners. It implied the sacred missions Master and Dafa gave to Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification era and the great expectations from sentient beings of the whole universe. The Fa principles Master gradually taught us during the Fa-rectification period were all pressed into several minutes of his closing speech.

I saw Master turning the Great Falun on stage during the closing ceremony of the second-term lecture in Tianjin City for the first time. I almost cried out loud. My whole heart, my whole life was lifted and melted into the turning of the universe. Master and Dafa gave me a new life. As a Dafa particle I will try my best to fulfill my prehistoric vows, accomplish the true missions Master and Dafa gave us - assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.