(Clearwisdom.net) When I saw that several dozen practitioners had been arrested in Changchun City, I felt very sad. I felt particularly bad that I had not written down my past experiences and shared them with other practitioners earlier. Today, I must write them down.

After I was arrested in 2002, policemen from the No. 1 Division of my local police department took me to see their division head. He said to me, "I think that you are capable of influencing other practitioners in this city. I want you to do things for us. You report directly to me. We will provide support money for your activities. You are to gather Falun Gong practitioners together to work on something. Then, we will arrive and arrest them. My offers to you are: We will prepare medical bail-out for you, re-hire you, and ask your husband to re-marry you. (My husband had divorced me because he was afraid of being implicated by the police who persecuted me). If you do not agree, I will increase your term in jail." I rejected his request. Some other practitioners were also individually interviewed by policemen. Therefore, I was sent back to prison and stayed there until the end of my sentence. After being released from prison, local policemen tightly monitored me. Perhaps they were afraid that I would expose their intentions to utilize me as their spy.

We had a chance to hold an experience sharing conference in our local area. Before arriving at the fellow practitioner's home for the conference, some practitioners found that strangers were wandering around the area. This was closer to 1999 when the persecution had just started, and most fellow practitioners did not have any experience in dealing with this kind of situation. As a result, dozens of practitioners were arrested, and the only materials site in our city was destroyed. About seven or eight practitioners working for the material site were arrested and sentenced to long prison terms. Some of them were even illegally sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. More than 10 thousand yuan worth of equipment was confiscated. I think that in areas where persecution happens intensely, if practitioners' minds are not stable enough, we shouldn't hold activities on a large scale, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

In addition, after I was released, police tightly watched me, stalked me, monitored my telephone conversations, installed video cameras in my neighborhood, and even requested my neighbors to report on me, even including my mother's neighbors. Every day, several cars and more than 10 policemen took turns to follow me. They also followed the people who contacted me, such as my colleagues, my relatives, my classmates and my children. I saw everything they did.

Once I met a neighbor who was also a practitioner. I found that there were about four or five plain clothed police around him. Some of them used to follow me. I remember that when I made a phone call using a public pay phone, they shamelessly approached close to me to listen to what I was saying. Later, I faced the perpetrators with righteous thoughts, and let them understand that I knew what they were doing. Once, I found that no one else was on a bus except me. Feeling strange, I found a hidden camera right in front of me. I also found that there seemed to be many blind and disabled people hanging around me; most of them were covered with bandages. Possibly, they were also policemen.

I tried my best to inform fellow practitioners that they should not come close to me since I was being followed. However, a fellow practitioner still came to my home. I told him that I was tightly monitored. However, he only said that my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. After he left my home, he went to several other practitioners' homes. This was very irresponsible behavior. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had me followed for more than a year and used more than 100 policemen. However, they did not arrest me. Some practitioners said that the environment was improved. Actually, I think that they were trying to gather information to cause bigger losses than just arresting me. The real objectives for them to follow practitioners for a long time are: First, to find Dafa material sites. Second, while big activities are held, such as an experience sharing conference, they will be able to make many arrests. I saw notices on the wall of the police department saying: "Detaining a practitioner gets a large bonus, sentencing a practitioner to a forced labor camp gets a large bonus, sentencing a practitioner to a prison gets a large bonus." I heard that while I was sentenced in prison, the director of the police department received thousands of yuan as a bonus.

May 24, 2007