(Clearwisdom.net) On May 18, 2007, practitioner Ms. Zhang Wuying from Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, received a call from Wang Weiyi, the leader of the school where she works, to come to the office. When she arrived, she realized that it was Ling Jianda, the secretary of the Party's Political and Judicial Committee in the Xinbei District, along with his assistant, who had come to threaten her.

Throughout the entire "talk," Ling Jianda refused to allow Ms. Zhang to say that her 33-year-old husband, Wu Dianhui, had died from persecution in a forced labor camp as a result of persevering in his beliefs. Ling threatened her, saying that if she dared to repeat such a statement and promote Falun Gong, she would be terrorized and taken to a "law-upholding department" to undergo "transformation." (Contact information for Ling Jianda, secretary of the Xinbei District Political and Judicial Committee: 86-13372279988(Cell); Ling's assistant, Feng Qianglin: 86-13813665928(Cell).)

Ms. Zhang told Ling about the law of retribution and how one must bear the responsibility for what he or she has done. She solemnly told Ling that he was participating in very evil work and that the crimes committed against innocent people would bring harm to himself and to his family. Throughout the talk, Ling's assistant kept on writing as she was speaking. When Ms. Zhang discovered this, she took what he had written and tore it into pieces, exposing their attempt to trick an innocent person into prison.

Ms. Zhang Wuying, born in 1971, is a well-respected teacher at the Changzhou Institute of Technology (jointly formed by the former Changzhou Normal School) in Jiangsu Province. She has suffered from numerous gangster-like incidents of persecution over the past eight years, and all of her material wealth was plundered. In 2000, the then five-months pregnant Zhang Wuying and her husband, Wu Dianhui, were abducted and taken to the People's Liberation Army 1020 Psychiatric Hospital in Changzhou City by the school leader Li Minmin and accomplices. There, she was tied to a bed and injected with drugs. On May 1, 2001, Mr. Wu, was sent into the Disciplinary Team in Fangqiang Farm, Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province, where he suffered almost two years of persecution. He was shocked with electric batons until his flesh was burnt, made to do extra-strenuous slave labor, prohibited from sleeping at night, imprisoned in small cells, handcuffed, and beaten up by other inmates in the labor camp. After Mr. Wu was released from the labor camp, and after suffering almost three years of illness, torture, and pain, he died on February 11, 2006.

Zhang Wuying returned to the lecture hall after more than four years in a forced labor camp. Every other professional lecturer was giving lectures to students, but the school simply refused to allow her to go hold class, despite the fact that all of the students that she had taught unanimously agreed that of all of the professional language teachers in the school, Ms. Zhang was the best in terms of knowledge and her ability to encourage students. The school arranged for all kinds of channels to monitor whatever Ms. Zhang did and said in school and report this to the authorities. Especially after receiving reports from students who had been manipulated by the lies about Falun Gong, they sent spies to investigate Ms. Zhang even more deeply. According to sources, most of the kind and compassionate students were manipulated into participating in this unfounded investigation with the intention of protecting their teacher. Currently, the Party is severely pressuring Ms. Zhang in many different ways. With no income, she is living a very hard life with her young child and in-laws.

Ling Jianda is a falsely compassionate person with a lot of cunning plans. In the persecution of Dafa over the past eight years, he has set up many brainwashing classes to persecute practitioners and has consistently threatened them or attempted to entice them. Due to Ling's efforts over the years, Dafa disciples in the Xinbei District that have been persecuted include: Zhang Wuying, Liu Li, Cui Wenyou, and Cui Ke, as well as members of Cui Dongmei's family. Among them, Cui Ke, Cui Dongmei, and her sister have already been arrested and persecuted many times. Cui Dongmei's husband divorced her, and she herself had been illegally arrested many times as well. Around 2002, practitioner Pan Guilan, from the same region, was illegally sentenced after being arrested on numerous occasions. Between April 22, 2002, and June 2002, Party henchmen in the Xinbei District used the guise of "Rule of Law Educational Class" to set up a brainwashing center for all practitioners with higher education or work positions. In this class, Zhang Wuying, Liu Li, and Cui Wenyou's workplaces were forced to pay 15,000 yuan as expenses for their employees in the brainwashing center.