(Clearwisdom.net) At Liaoning Province Women's Prison, No. 7 division head Li Ying, political head Wang Lian, guard Guo Xiaorui and some others ordered prisoners to monitor Falun Dafa practitioners 24-hours-a-day to keep them from speaking out. They hang up practitioners every day and do horrible things to them such as dousing practitioners' genitals with hot pepper liquid. In the winter time, they do not let practitioners wear any clothes except for underwear, they do not let them wear shoes, and deprive them of sleep. They put steel clips on practitioners' nipples, pour urine on their heads, physically abuse them every day, and restrict bathroom use. One of the practitioners who suffered the most is Zhang Shuxia.

Newly arrived practitioners are not sent for labor, but are tortured in the prison. Places such as the activity room, storage room, washing room and the bathroom are where they torture practitioners.

Practitioners are normally forced to do labor 14 hours-a-day, and they have to work in their cells. The guards count the time with a stopwatch to determine how much work they can complete per minute, and then assign the quota for 14 hours. Practitioners are beaten if they cannot meet the quota.

The guards are afraid of their evil acts being exposed, so they threaten the released practitioners, ordering them not to tell anyone once they get out. Practitioner Gao Qiuju from Dalian City was given an extended term of two years for refusing to be "reformed."

This women's prison is extremely evil; simply a hell on earth. Our fellow practitioners there have suffered numerous tortures, and a day there seems like a year for them. Within this prison, all kinds of tortures are still going on. We hope that the international society, international human rights organizations and all the people with conscience will lend a hand to end this inhumane persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.

Phone number of the prison: 86-024-89296886, 89296887