(Clearwisdom.net) Each time I hear stories about people who received karmic retribution for persecuting Dafa practitioners, I can't help but think about some of my own experiences of being persecuted. I am writing this article in the hope that people who participated in the persecution clearly recognize the real nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and awaken soon, and quit the evil CCP to save themselves.

I am a Dafa practitioner who was released from prison last year. During the past eight years of the CCP persecution I have been sent to forced labor twice and sentenced to prison once. I was detained in a detention center many times. The ruthless tortures I've experienced that pushed me to the brink of death each time are too many to count. They included the "hanging up" torture, "carrying a sword in the back" torture, being beaten and thrown by many guards, forced-feedings, having my blood drawn, and forced injections of unknown drugs. However, with Master's benevolent protection and the demonstration of Dafa's divine power, I was able to survive these atrocities.

I remember when I was hung up in the air the first time after I was sent to the prison. Since I am a very thin woman, all the inmates said if I could get out of the prison alive they would believe in the power of Dafa and would all practice Falun Gong.

During the savage persecution of the past several years, I have personally experienced the CCP's evil influences everywhere, and especially during my personal experience of being persecuted for more than ten days.

One day in May 2002, as I ate lunch at home, a police car came to my home and several policemen searched my house. They took away two hand-copied articles and my frequency modulator. I was arrested and taken to cell No. 14 at the Second Detention Center in Hegang City. The guards told me that this was an "advanced" detention center. When I got to the cell, the guards had just finished forcing Dafa practitioners to watch videos slandering Dafa. The detention center head brought one of his friends to cell No. 14. He thought these videos would deceive the practitioners so they would give up their beliefs. He asked the practitioners, "Now that you've seen the videos, have you changed your mind? Are you still going to practice Falun Gong?" How could the practitioners be deceived by this?

The practitioners immediately exposed the lies the evil CCP had spread about Dafa and told of the wonders of Dafa, and of the physical and mental benefits Dafa and following the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance had brought them. When the detention center head saw that he wasn't able to reach his goal, he showed his real evil face and shouted, "You wait and see! I don't believe the CCP can't fix you."

Two days later the guards used as their reason for ruthless abuse the practitioners' practicing the exercises. While the practitioners were practicing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts in their cells, the guards came in to interfere and blamed the head of the inmates, "Why didn't you stop them from practicing?" He replied, "Jiang's regime and the CCP can't even stop them. How could I stop them?" The guards shouted, "If you can't stop them, don't even think about going home. We will not let you go!"

Another group of guards with belts and white plastic tubes arrived and pulled us down from the bed to the floor and dragged us to the hallway while kicking and beating us. We kept shouting, "Falun Dafa is good!" We told them that they were violating the law by beating us. They shouted evilly, "These are commands from upper level officials. Death of Falun Gong practitioners due to torture can be treated as suicide!" As they were shouting, they put the practitioners who were in front into shackles.

They then went to other prisons and detention centers nearby to collect other torture instruments. They also bought supplies to make new instruments of torture by welding the pieces together. The instruments they used were one-meter long metal rods. On both ends they were welded with shackles (two metal rings to secure feet on two ends of the rod). Then they positioned handcuffs on the rod and handcuffed practitioners to the rod. This way the practitioners could not sit straight, and also needed others to feed them, and yet others to help carry them to the bathroom.

Twenty-six practitioners were made to wear this torture instrument and sit on the brick floor. Winter was approaching, and the prison cells were damp and cold. Sitting on the floor for a long time made us chilled to the bones. Even worse, the guards brought in fans to blow cold air toward us. With Master's benevolent protection, none of the Dafa practitioners was afraid of the cold.

The guards saw that their deeds didn't work as expected. They then ordered inmates to monitor the practitioners, and they deprived practitioners of sleep. They intimidated the inmates, saying, "You will go down with the Falun Gong practitioners!" If the guards found anyone closing their eyes they would punish the inmates. Each time a practitioner closed an eye, the abusers would pour water on him or beat or verbally abuse him. Once when an inmate saw us sitting on the cold brick floor a whole day and night, she couldn't stand it and put a jacket on a practitioner. Within a couple minutes, several guards rushed in and put shackles on her as well.

One afternoon Dafa practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together toward the electronic monitoring equipment. Dafa's divine power manifested right then. The monitoring equipment quit working. The guards came in and asked who had touched the equipment. The head of the inmates said that no one had. With the broken equipment the guards could only take a look every now and then. The inmates were on the lookout for the guards, and we were able to take naps. The guards weren't able to fix the monitoring equipment until later that afternoon.

I suffered from this kind of torture for eight days before I was transferred to a forced labor camp. The guards said that going through this torture for three days could mutilate one's bottom. But the practitioners suffered the torture for eight days, and we were all fine. The guards couldn't even believe it. Several days later, 25 practitioners suffered the same torture in cell No. 13. The longest duration was two weeks.

Dafa practitioners are suffering from broken families and prison sentences. And yet, we are still clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings because we understand the true meanings of life. With Master's compassion, although the practitioners have been ruthlessly persecuted, we don't have any complaints, regrets or hatred. We hope to open up people's kindness with our compassionate and peaceful demeanors. This goes equally for the police, the inmates who participated in the persecution, as well as the predestined people. We hope they will correctly position the relationship between the CCP and themselves. Treasure yourselves and quit the CCP to save yourself!