Looking for Missing Falun Dafa Practitioners Yan Xuejun and His Wife from the Nankai District, Tianjin City

Mr. Yan Xuejun and his wife from the Nankai District in Tianjin City were abducted one night in 2002. Their home was ransacked as well. Since then nobody has known their whereabouts. Their families have asked for information about them at the local police department, but officials there replied that they didn't know anything about it.

Now the CCP is selling human organs. Their relatives, friends, and other practitioners are very worried about them.

Falun Dafa Practitioner Mr. Yu Zhong from Buxin City, Liaoning Province, Missing for Seven Years

Mr. Yu Zhong, around 50, was from Buxin City, Liaoning Province. He was an employee of a transistor plant in Buxin City. He traveled to Beijing to verify Dafa at the beginning of October 2000. Since he left, he has never been heard from again. His family tried different channels and still could not find out anything about him.

April 27, 2007