(Clearwisdom.net) Foreword: Two articles designed to defame Falun Gong were published on the Xinhua News website. Xinhua is the state-run Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece. Curiously, at first, there was nothing but the titles standing by themselves. Although the content was later filled in, the fiasco exposes a flustered and panicked Communist Party. The Party tries to slander Falun Gong and deceive the Chinese people, but their vicious words indirectly send the message that Falun Gong is spreading widely in the world, and that Master Li is well respected. The Party has pierced its own rumor while attempting to slander others.

Recently, someone mentioned that the Xinhua News website published "empty" articles to assail Falun Gong. I looked it up and saw two articles entitled "What Kind of Dance Competition Did NTDTV Come Up With?" and "What is Chosen for Dafa Disciples?" When I clicked on the titles, however, the body of text was surprisingly absent. What could Xinhua possibly say? They would have to mention the details of the dance competition such as the theme, "classical Chinese dance." Although the Communist Party has gone to extreme lengths to ruthlessly destroy traditional Chinese culture, it dares not publicly confess this crime. The Party actually ended up giving free advertising to NTDTV for the competition while exposing its sinister attempt to interfere with the effort to revive traditional Chinese culture. How could this kind of article be made?

The other article is a reference to Master Li's, "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference." But wouldn't such an article have to quote some of the contents of the "Teaching?" Wouldn't it at the same time publicize the grand occasion of such a conference, and the fact that outside China, such an event can take place? Wouldn't this violate the Chinese Communist Party's own taboo to block the truth about Falun Gong from becoming known to China's people? How could such an article be allowed?

I suppose not much could be done from Xinhua's perspective except letting the articles be empty. Jiang and his clique seem to be still desperately trying to stir up controversy. Xinhua News has published fewer articles that directly attack Falun Gong over the past year. Maybe the Party lackeys are tired of their own lies, or they simply want to disengage themselves from their bosses, realizing that sooner or later, they must all pay for their misdeeds. With these two articles, it seems someone still wanted to flatter their bosses somehow, but the contents violated the taboos, thus the articles were left "empty."

In the past, whenever Xinhua bitterly demonized Falun Gong, Mainland Chinese websites were always required to immediately reprint the articles. This time I checked and found no other media following suit and humming the "master tune." Times have changed indeed.

During eight years of persecution, Jiang's gang and the Communist Party "turned China into a free-for-all 'cow' [for anyone to milk] available for western society" - exhorting all resources of China for generations to come -- using financial interests to threaten and induce the international community, especially Western politicians and corporations, to keep silent in the face of brutal persecution towards innocent Falun Gong practitioners. On the other hand, however, Falun Gong practitioners have persistently explained the facts and opposed the persecution. Ultimately, justice will prevail. More and more people have awakened after hearing the facts, and the international community is now condemning the Communist regime and calling for an end to the persecution.

The Chinese Cultural Freedom Movement held its "2007 Special Spiritual Faith Award" ceremony on April 8, 2007 at the Aotea Center in Auckland, Australia. The award went to Falun Gong. Mr. Yuan Hongbing, a renowned jurist and one of the founders of the movement said, "In the face of the Communist regime's tyranny, which is even more brutal than the Nazis' rule, Falun Gong spiritual cultivators have safeguarded their right to belief with perseverance and an iron will. They have validated a truth: totalitarianism cannot defeat spiritual belief. Falun Gong spiritual cultivators oppose tyranny in a peaceful, courageous and resilient manner for which they are winning the respect of history."

Renowned human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng wrote three letters to the central government to appeal for Falun Gong. Subsequently, six Beijing lawyers: Li Heping, Li Xiongbing, Zhang Lihui, Li Shunzhang, Wu Hongwei, and Teng Biao (who only audited the trial because of the pressure from the Communist regime. He was openly beaten by court police after the trial) defended Falun Gong practitioners Wang Bo and her parents from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province in court. The second trial commenced at Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court on April 27, 2007. The lawyers defended the Wang family's innocence with a watertight argument.

The lawyers were again up against tremendous pressure from the Communist Party, but they managed to systematically defend Falun Gong practitioners with solidly based arguments from all legal aspects. The history books have recorded their courageous actions. These lawyers are widely praised for their professional knowledge and legal expertise as well as courage, wisdom and breadth of spirit. We believe more people will step forward to speak out for Falun Gong.

The persecution of "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" was destined to fail the moment it began. Challenging "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" is challenging one's own future, while supporting and upholding Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is choosing a bright future for oneself.