(Clearwisdom.net) Harbin Women's Prison illegally detains hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners, who are subjected to the most inhumane and cruel treatment.

During the very cold winter, the squadron's first Captain Yang Hua and second Captain Zhao Ling forced twenty Dafa practitioners to stand outside the prison building, facing the cold wind for a whole day, wearing only a thin layer of clothes. Practitioners, including Sui Shuchun, were pushed down to the icy ground, causing most of them to lose control of urination and bowels, while prison guards wore thick cotton clothes, overcoats and hats, as they took turns monitoring the practitioners.

The severe cold caused Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Xuewei to lose consciousness. Several inmates were ordered to drag her inside the building to wake her up, then take her outside again. This happened multiple times per day. Dafa practitioners were tortured in a similar fashion for 15-16 days. Practitioner Yu Xiulan's hands turned black due to frostbite, and she was also kept in a solitary cell to to be forcibly "transformed." A variety of torture implements were used, such as the water cell, with the prisoner's hands cuffed behind their back to a piece of wood above the ground. Whenever practitioners tried to clarify the truth about Dafa to the guards, their mouths were taped shut.

Dafa practitioners Fu Guichun and Wang Shuzhi were detained in a solitary cell. When Fu Guichun needed to use the toilet, a prison guard not only refused to allow her request, but also had her blindfolded and then beaten violently until she passed out. Wang Shuzhi said, "She's dead and you still beat her?" But the guard said, "She is only pretending." When Dafa practitioner Qu Yuping explained the truth about Dafa to Captain Yang Hua, she was beaten until her face was deformed. These are common occurrences in the prison.

In order to persecute Dafa practitioners, prison police arranged four criminal inmates to monitor each and every practitioner. If the practitioners refused to work, the inmates' credits in their records were deducted. Some inmates became increasingly vicious and carried out instructions with punching and kicking, along with verbal abuse. They even followed practitioners to the toilets.

In the summer, Dafa practitioners were forced to run continuously around the prison yard without a break. Policemen in the shady area instructed criminal inmates to monitor the practitioners. Those who could not run were tortured and whipped.

Practitioners who came out of the solitary cells all had the appearance of skeletons, almost unable to walk and talk, and some had to be carried out. Even inmates in other cells who saw this scene could not help but shed tears. The solitary cells were ice cold, and practitioners were not permitted to wear clothes, let alone sweaters and insulated pants. Their hands were cuffed behind their backs to ice cold iron pipes. At night, they had to sit on the concrete floor. Prison police force-fed them with corn patties in salty water. If the practitioners resisted, prison guards punched, kicked, and shocked them with electric batons. They even turned on loud music to keep the screams from being heard from the outside. Some practitioners were detained in the solitary cells for months at a time. Almost all practitioners had to be carried out when they were near death.

Seeing that Dafa practitioners were so steadfast, prison police went to extreme measures to persecute them. If families of Dafa practitioners came to visit, practitioners were required to admit that they were at fault for committing a crime. If they kept quiet, their family's visit would be refused. In this case, the prison police would turn around and tell the prisoner's family members, "They just don't want to see you." Unaware of the police's intervention in the matter, the family had no choice but to return home crestfallen. Due to the fact that practitioners made no acknowledgment of wrongdoing, they were penalized and forced to stand all day long without food or water. Family visitation was made nearly impossible.

Policewoman Wang Yali is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. Inmates call her "big company Wang." She is so vicious and cruel that inmates wouldn't dare to breathe freely in front of her. In the women's prison, Dafa practitioners are not permitted to purchase things for daily use, and they are brutally tortured every day. This is only a tiny part of the numerous horror stories recorded there.