(Clearwisdom.net) In Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, close to any holidays, Daqing police begin a new round of persecuting practitioners. They keep a roster as to whom to arrest.

From April 21 through 26, 2007, Daqing police shamelessly arrested practitioners in broad daylight. The arrested practitioners were: Chen Qingli, Lu Guilan, Yan Jiaohui (Lu Guilan's son), Liu Bo, Cao Fengqin (70, a retired teacher, whose spouse had died and who was living alone), Yin Guirong (68, typewriter and computer were confiscated), Yang Jinfeng(51, a worker), Liang Yahui(discharged), Hong Lanying(discharged), Hu Guizhi (discharged), He Xiuying, Shi Baosheng, Li Chunying, Li Guixiang, Li Hui (escaped), Ren Xiuping, Zhou Wenyan, Chen Qi, Zhao Shukun, Yin Moumou, Jiang Pai, Liu Yanxia, and others.

The Daqing Police force is in reality a criminal organization and the public is quite aware of this. They collude with gangs and traffic in drugs, guns, ammunition and counterfeit money. They also opened bordellos, secretly support prostitutes, roam the streets, and commit crimes. They are the reason for social instability, and are a disruptive force in people's lives.

When arresting practitioners, they disregard procedures, do not explain anything, or identify themselves. After practitioners were arrested, a policeman said, "If you give me 20 thousand yuan, I will set you free tonight. Or, you could give me a second-hand car instead." These policemen are racketeers who extort money and goods from practitioners.

Daqing police not only arrest practitioners, but also confiscate their houses. They steal any item of value, including computers and fax machines. When people told them that they were behaving like rogues, one of the policemen said, "We are rogues. So what? I will arrest you if you talk too much."

Even a section leader at the Daqing police station said, "Once they put on their uniforms, Daqing policemen become unruly. They turn into the bane of society."