(Clearwisdom.net) On April 27, 2007, Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court held a second trial for Ms. Wang Bo's case. During the trial, four police agents forcibly removed one of Ms. Wang Bo's attorneys from the court. Many residents passing by witnessed the event and were outraged about this anarchic action.

The Wang Bo family simply perseveres in cultivating Falun Dafa and following the teachings of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" to be virtuous people. Their pursuits would be legal and considered admirable in any non-communist society, yet in China they were illegally imprisoned and forced to stand trial in court.

The second trial started at 8:30 a.m., and ended at around 2:00 p.m. Six attorneys from Beijing are openly defending Ms. Wang Bo's family. During the trial, however, police agents forcibly carried one of them out of the court room. After the second trial finished, Ms. Wang's family was taken away in a police van so heavily curtained that people couldn't see anything from outside. According to the attorneys, there was no sentence in the second trial and they are waiting for further news.

The judges deployed several dozen police agents on special duties around the court, and they didn't allow anyone to come near the court gate. Many police vans were parked around the court gate, and plainclothes undercover police agents were on site, along with four policemen patrolling around with batons.

Ms. Wang Bo and her parents, Mr. Wang Xinzhong and Mrs. Liu Shuqin, all practice Falun Dafa, which has helped them both physically and mentally. Before starting Falun Dafa practice, Wang Bo's parents were planning to divorce. After they cultivated in Falun Dafa, they changed their minds and the family became harmonious and happy again. However, in the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong, Wang Bo's family has been repeatedly arrested, beaten, detained, and forcibly brainwashed. In the end they were sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. After Wang Bo's family had been torn apart for over six years, they were finally reunited. After Wang Bo openly exposed the unlawful persecution by the 610 Office officials on the Clearwisdom website, Wang Bo's family had to become homeless and live in exile to avoid further persecution.

On the evening of July 27, 2006 police agents from Dalian City National Security Bureau, 610 Office officials, Dalian City police, and Shijiazhuang police all climbed over the wall and broke into Wang Bo's family's temporary apartment in Dalian and illegally arrested Wang Bo and her mother, who were in their underwear. On the morning of July 28 they illegally arrested her father, Mr. Wang Xinzhong. On November 10, 2006, the Chang'an District Court in Shijiazhuang City and the Procuratorate illegally put Wang Bo's family on trial, charging them with the so-called "crime of using an evil cult to destroy implementation of law." On February 2, 2007, Wang Bo was sentenced to a term of five years' imprisonment without any legal justification. Her parents, Mr. Wang Xinzhong and Ms. Liu Shuqin, were also sentenced to terms of four years' imprisonment under the same charge. Since no one was notified of the initial trial, Wang Bo's family members couldn't hire anyone to defend themselves.

After Ms. Wang Bo's whole family was sentenced, relatives and friends of the family managed to hire attorneys to defend them. They contacted dozens of law offices, repeating to many attorneys the story of relentless persecution that Wang Bo's family suffered. Finally six righteous attorneys in Beijing were motivated to defend Wang Bo's case. When they submitted their appeal, however, the Beijing Judicial Bureau contacted the attorneys' offices and expressed concern over the case. After that, the National Security Bureau police in Beijing City threatened the attorneys, and some of them were even threatened with termination from their jobs.

Under such pressure, on the morning of March 12 the attorneys submitted appeal letters cosigned by all of them to the Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court and Procuratorate, and requested an open second trial. In the appeal letters they emphasized that the initial trial process had seriously violated established legal procedures, the evidence was not sufficient and their case didn't meet the definition of a "crime" in legal terms or in point of fact. They requested a retrial at the Chang'an District Court and the Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court accepted the appeal. However the Shijiazhuang City Procuratorate refused the appeal using the excuse that the Procuratorate was not responsible for monitoring a case that was not openly tried. After interviewing the parties involved in the case, the six attorneys unanimously found that their clients' versions of the events differed greatly from the charges. According to the law, if the client's version of the event was greatly different from the charge or if there was new witnesses and evidence, an open retrial must be held for the case.

Hereon, we call on our fellow Falun Dafa practitioners to increase the intensity of sending forth righteous thoughts to dissolve all the evil factors that persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, and to completely disintegrate all the factors of the communist evil spirit. In the meantime we hope fellow practitioners in Shijiazhuang will increase the intensity of truth-clarification and expose the facts about the persecution of Wang Bo's family to local residents in order to suffocate the evil and save sentient beings.