(Clearwisdom.net) I joined a Falun Dafa practice site on May 31, 1994. My happiness was hard to describe in words, and have been a practitioner ever since. I was also fortunate enough to attend Master's lecture in Zhengzhou City on June 11.

Before my cultivation, I was very impatient and had a bad temper. So, I was looking for a Qigong practice to improve myself. I thought it would help me to change my character, and at the same time help me develop a health body. With this thought, I decided to join Master's lecture in Zhengzhou City.

On June 8, I was on a night train heading to Beijing and making a stop at Zhengzhou. My right hand leaned on a small table, and I was half asleep when I saw a tall man coming from the middle aisle, followed by a little girl. I suddenly awakened and raised my head to see, but there was no one in the aisle. All passengers slept soundly, and there was only some weak light on the ceiling of the compartment.

On June 11th, the lecture started at an old run-down gymnasium in Zhengzhou. It seemed as if nobody had used the place for quite some time. There was a lot of dust on the seats. The windows and doors inside the gym were all nailed and blocked. The platform was a referee's stand, and a chair and a table were put in the middle of it. There was only one door to enter and exit. A lot of people were there and the place was disordered. I was there very early that day and sat on the wooden floor of the middle aisle. Master also had to come in from this door, and walk through the aisle to the platform. From where I sat, I could see Master only over one person. I could see him very clearly. Master's graceful, peaceful and smiling face made one feel pleasant and warm. When Master walked by me, I saw the view of his back, and saw how tall he was. I immediately realized that the person I saw on the train was Master! I almost shouted out, I used my hand to cover my mouth. I saw Master going to the platform. A lot of people were there, so how could I shout? Tears of joy came running out, and happiness filled my heart.

After a simple introduction, Master began to give the lecture. His voice was strong and clear. Everybody was listening very silently. It seemed you could not even hear the sound of breathing. Suddenly, Master used a very serious tone and said, "If you want to listen to the lecture you should listen. If you don't, you should leave." Everybody looked back; nobody knew who Master was talking to. Later I realized that evil forces had been interfering. In the middle of the lecture, it started to rain very heavily outside. The rain fell hard on the roof, as if to smash the sheet iron, and made very big noises like shooting guns. We could not hear Master's voice clearly. Suddenly, all the power in the gym was gone, everything was in the dark. I could not even see my fingers. Everybody was sitting silently. I saw that Master sat in the double lotus position on the table and made hand-signs. It was very beautiful. The rain leaking from the roof dropped on Master's head. Master moved a little bit and continued to make the hand-signs. Later I saw Master grab something in his hand and put it into a water bottle and seal the cap. I didn't know what it meant, and so I asked someone besides me, "What is Master doing?" The answer was, "I didn't see it." At that time, I had just started to learn Dafa, I really didn't know what was going on. After about 10 minutes, the power came back. The light in the gym was even brighter than before. Everybody felt very glad. Master continued with the lecture. When it was time to end, Master told us the lecture was a bit behind and that we would catch up tomorrow. And he also told us to try and go back home in 30 minutes. Master left first with the bottle in his hand. Someone asked Master for the bottle. Master said, "What do you need it for?" Later, other practitioner told me that the water in the bottle was red.

The rain stopped, and everybody left the lecture hall. There was no water in middle of the road. My shoes were dry. Some trees on the sidewalk were broken, and some were even pulled out from their roots. When I was passing by the place where Master was staying, I saw the glass of the windows smashed. After we went back to our places, soon after 5 minutes, the heavy rain started again. A practitioner made a joke and said, "This time, even if it rains knives, I won't be afraid." On the following day, the newspaper reported that the rain was the heaviest rainstorm they had in history.

Later I understood that Master was spreading a righteous Law, and is protecting his disciples all the time. During the class in Zhengzhou, Mater was catching and eliminating evil. However, I never heard Master talk about it.

Luckily I got another chance to attend Master's lecture in Jinan City that started on June 21. There were four thousands people in the lecture hall, and even many people in the porch. As the whole place was packed, it was very hot. The mugginess and heat were very difficult to endure! Then Master said, "You might want to put down your fans...." After the words, I felt a breeze blow on my face. It was so cooling! At that moment, it seemed like Master gave everybody a piece of ice to eat, and we felt cool from the top to the bottom. The whole audience applauded immediately. Everybody had the same feeling of receiving Master's grace in person.

After I came back from the two classes, people who knew me all said that I had changed into another person. I also felt that my entire body was light and experienced the joy of having no illness. On my journey of cultivation, I always followed Master in doing things in society. Sometimes when I understood from the Fa, I performed better. But when I was really not clear on what I should do, Master always pointed it out for me in my dream, during my meditation, and even in everyday life.

No matter what I do, even when I pass out a truth clarification flier, Master arranges everything for me. All I have to do is use my limbs and lips. In hardships, in dangerous situations, and dangers of arrest, as long as I have righteous thoughts, Master helps me to solve all problems and takes me to safety. Every time I came back safe from danger, I thanked Master's for His gracious care and protection. When I cannot pass a test or tribulation, tears run down my face, and I cry for half of a night. Writing out this experience took me several years. I always thought of writing it to share with everybody, but I thought I was not diligent enough and could not well express Master's grace in writing. Every time I wrote it, I would cry, because I felt that I was not good enough. I didn't realize that what Master asks for is my true heart in cultivation. From now on, I will use all my strength to do better on the three things and to thank for Master's benevolence!