In a recent Toronto parade to support the 20 million people who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, I walked along the parade route to interview some bystanders to see what they were thinking and how they reacted to our parade. I first ran into two westerners. They accepted the materials I gave them. Seeing that they were willing to listen to me, I told them that a great event is happening in the Chinese community: 20 million Chinese have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I said to them: "The CCP has committed enough crimes to incur the final punishment on itself from heaven. As Chinese, we believe that the future of China lies in the complete removal of the CCP from China." Hearing this, they said to me: "We wish you good luck."

Then I walked ahead. I saw a western lady taking photos of the parade with a very professional camera. I approached her and said hello to her. She told me that she already got our materials. I mentioned to her that we had a "quit the CCP service center" which Chinese can contact if they want to quit the CCP. She was very excited to hear this and told me immediately that they were making a film about China. She asked my name and telephone number and expressed her hope that we would contact her soon.

Then I walked ahead. I saw a fellow practitioner talking with a Chinese. The man said in English that our parade was very crazy. He shouted aggressively that we were defaming China. I stopped and said to him: "In fact, we love China as much as you". He said loudly: "I don't believe that you really love China." I continued: "You can read carefully the words on the banners in the parade. There is not a single word against China. What we oppose is CCP tyranny and we are exposing its evil nature of killing people." But the man continued to shout at me irrationally in bad temper. At that moment his daughter came up to him. He said to her something against us in English. The girl, wiping her face with her hands, protested: "Why do you spit on me?" I could not help laughing. The Chinese continued his mad shouting, which attracted suspicious glances from people passing by. The fellow practitioner at my side continued to clarify the truth to him with great patience. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements manipulating him while I continued to walk ahead.

It was not long before I arrived at a Chinese supermarket. At the gate the market owner was getting his fruit ready to sell. I approached him and asked: "Hi, how is your business going? I have talked with you about quitting the CCP. Have you quit?"

Not long before, I had a long talk with the shop owner. He agreed with what was written in the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and accepted the book and told me that he would read it carefully and return it to me when he finished reading it so that other people could read it. He told me that he supports Falun Gong, so he allowed us to put The Epoch Times newspaper in his supermarket. In my chatting with him, I learned that some of his employees had applied for asylum status and some were seeking asylum status under the name of Falun Gong. Many of them were his fellow villagers. I said to him: "We have a predestined relationship with each other now that we are talking here. Please tell your employees not to follow the CCP to say anything against Falun Gong when they apply for asylum under the name of Falun Gong. At least they should try to learn the truth about Falun Gong. People should show their gratitude toward those who help them, right?" He promised me that he would talk about this with his employees.

I saw him again during the parade and told him: "Quit the CCP, and save yourself." He replied: "I will let you know when I make a decision." Then he said a friendly good bye to me, and I proceeded to walk ahead.

I saw seven or eight westerners who were talking not far ahead. I approached them and distributed materials to them. They said that they had already read our materials. Then I said to them: "We are now speaking out our mind. As Chinese we love our country. The future of China lies in freedom from CCP tyranny through people awakening and quitting the CCP." One among them said to me that he supports us and a lady told me that she would pray for us.

Next, I ran into a young western couple. When I offered them some material, they said that they already had it. I then asked them: "Do you know what the parade is for?" The lady asked me: "May I ask you several questions?" I said joyously: "Of course."

"We saw you when we were having dinner in a Chinese restaurant. When the parade passed by a Chinese in the restaurant shouted loudly: 'The Bush government pays them to do this!' We want to know how things are really going." "Our second question is, he is a Chinese born and brought up in this locality. Why would he react that way?" "Our third question is, it was said in the material that 20 million people have quit the CCP. How can it be possible for them to quit CCP openly at the risk of their life and possible implication of their relatives." I came to know that the gentleman was from Poland and his father had been pursued by the Polish Communist Party, so he knew very well about the evil of the Communist Party's tyranny.

I talked with them for about 30 minutes and answered their questions one by one. Before we said farewell to each other they told me their names and said to me: "In the future, if we see someone like the Chinese man say something like the Bush government pays you, we will certainly correct him."

I answered their first question reciting a story I experienced by myself.

On a Saturday, when I was free from my work, I distributed materials to pedestrians at a busy intersection in the heart of Chinatown. I stood there from about 11:00 a.m, to about 3:00 p.m. At the time, a big man, who had been holding back his anger with us all the time, burst out and came to us and shouted loudly: "I have kept my eyes upon you from morning to now. It is so cold. How much did the U.S. government pay you?" Lifting my head peacefully and patting him on the shoulder, I said: "Thank you for asking me this question. Do you want to know how much we are paid by the U.S. Government for our standing here from morning to now in such cold? You see these ladies in their 50s and 60s at my side. They, just the same as me, have benefited greatly from Falun Dafa. You can try to get us to go home by giving everyone of us here 500 Canadian dollars. None of us would take it! We are not paid by anyone to do this. We do it from our hearts!" The man, dumbfounded for a little while, said to me: "I have never accepted any Falun Gong materials from you before, but today I think I really need to take one to read carefully."

Hearing this, the lady said to me in consent: "You are very smart." In fact, I was not smart at all. It was the mighty power and boundless wisdom of Dafa that solved the problem in the mind of a sentient being. I said: "A person's conscience is priceless." They nodded in agreement.

To their second question, I answered: "I don't know if the man you met in the Chinese restaurant, as you told me, was born and brought up in this locality. But I do know that the Chinese living here are closely related to China. When the the CCP regime defames Falun Gong with all the means under its control, their slandering propaganda also permeates Canada from China. Even worse, the CCP also buys off local Chinese newspapers to defame Falun Gong. The Chinese man who shouted at us crazily is a further manifestation of the CCP's evil tactics to instigate Chinese people to hate and persecute their fellow countrymen." They said that they had begun to understand after hearing my explanation.

They told me that they went to church every week because they were devout Christians. To their third question I said: "Gods are compassionate to humans. When they offer their salvation to humans, they pass the information to people that they must quit the CCP to be saved. The gods know well the CCP's evil nature. Just like what you had mentioned, if you openly announce that you quit the party, the CCP will persecute you and even your family will be implicated. Then what do you do? The compassionate gods then point out a way to you so that you can be saved and not be persecuted by the CCP. They tell you to use a nickname or fake name to quit the CCP, the only condition being that you genuinely want to break all your ties to the CCP in your mind." They suddenly came to understand and said to me: "But great courage is needed even in that case." I said: "Of course, the more than 20 million people who broke from the CCP, bravely facing its tyranny and terror, are the real hope of China." They agreed with me. When we said goodbye to each other, they thanked me and told me that they were really lucky to have met with me and listened to my answers to their questions. They also promised that they would share their experience with more people and, if they meet other Chinese like the one they met in the Chinese restaurant, they would correct them.

Walking the entire length of the parade route, I had many profound understandings. It is really good for us to hold large activities which create a grand atmosphere. However, at the same time, we should step further into local communities to see what people are thinking and where they are blocked so that we can resolve the problems in their minds about Dafa. Maybe some Chinese have seen our parades many times, but they might have failed to solve the problems in their minds, so they still hold a negative attitude toward us. Even under such circumstances, we still cannot draw rash conclusions that they are beyond salvation. Thinking about the great effort and the boundless compassion of Teacher when he saved us, we should be well aware that our mission is to care for these sentient beings, find the blocks in their minds, move them with the compassion and wisdom through our cultivation in Dafa and save them by making them genuinely understand the truth about Dafa.

The above are just some personal understandings; please kindly point out anything improper.