(Clearwisdom.net) Master said in "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference":

"It's not that Beijing Dafa disciples are not doing a good job. As you know the largest amount of evil forces are concentrated in Beijing, so in terms of the effectiveness of clarifying the facts and the state of the practitioners, things there definitely lag behind other places. It's not because the practitioners are lacking, but rather, that the evil forces are greater there and are more concentrated there."

I recently read an article entitled, "Eliminate the Evil in Other Dimensions of the Beijing Area" published in the 277th issue of the "Minghui Weekly." I thought of my several trips to Beijing to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, during which I had shared experiences and understandings with Beijing practitioners and have understood that their situations were indeed very difficult. For instance, Beijing practitioners had very limited experience sharing opportunities; very few practitioners were doing truth clarification work or making truth clarification materials, and group effort coordination was minimal. The evil persecution in Beijing has been very severe, especially recently. On arriving in Beijing I would always feel suppressed. I felt I could not use my supernormal abilities at will and lacked the ability to do what I wanted. I could feel the presence of evil.

I would like to share an example of such feelings in rescuing a practitioner in Beijing. Just this year, several National Security agents and police officers from the district level 610 Office took a Beijing practitioner from her home, in violation of the constitution. They did not show any identification or give any reason. During the entire process--from discussing with her family members how to demand her release to accompanying them to the police department--I felt enormous pressure. Whether I was facing the evildoers, unrelated personnel or the practitioner's family members, I could feel that they were all controlled by a great amount of evil, which exerted great pressure on me; I felt it was difficult to breathe. Moreover, in the process I was almost arrested, too. Even though with Master's protection I passed the dangerous test, the process of demanding the practitioner's release ended unsatisfactorily. I examined myself afterwards and realized that I had done very poorly in cultivation. I had many human attachments, and had fallen greatly short of the Fa's requirements. I understood that I needed to correct all these shortcomings and improve my cultivation practice, but the rampant evil was also still obvious.

"With the comprehensive destruction of more and more of the evil, the Dafa disciples in Beijing will not fall behind or be lacking compared to disciples in other places. That's for sure." ("Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference")

Master has taught the Fa. What shall we do to better harmonize what Master wants? I have the following suggestions:

1. Beijing Dafa disciples should form one body as soon as possible and put more effort into clarifying the truth to people. In addition, the incidents of persecution should be exposed on the Internet as soon as they take place and be spread locally to the people of Beijing, especially those in the evildoers' families, workplaces, and neighborhoods. This is a very effective way to suppress the evil and offer people salvation.

2. When they have the opportunity to go to Beijing, Dafa disciples outside of Beijing should intensely send forth righteous thoughts, eliminate the evil in the Beijing area and target the evildoers' headquarters in close proximity. In addition, truth-clarification materials should include exposure of the evil deeds in the different areas of Beijing and be distributed via rational truth clarification. (This information can be found on the Minghui website)

3. Practitioners overseas and in the surrounding areas of Beijing should use all kinds of methods to pass on pure, compassionate and solemn information and facts to Beijing's citizens, evildoers, and workplaces where the evil is rampant. Practitioners in the areas surrounding Beijing should add a thought when sending forth righteous thoughts on the hour to eradicate all the evil dark minions and rotten demons, the communist evil specter, and all the meddling deities in other dimensions that influence the Beijing area.

4. Practitioners in other areas of China should add this thought when sending forth righteous thoughts on the hour: "Thoroughly eradicate all the evil dark minions and rotten demons, the communist evil specter, and all the meddling deities in other dimensions that influence the Beijing area so as to strengthen Beijing practitioners."

This concludes my personal understanding and shallow thoughts.