(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Hou Junying is 64 years old. She lives in the Hurui District of the No. 8 Division Petrol Company of Shandong. In the past, she was always exhausted, distracted and suffered from many illnesses. She tried several therapies without results and every day seemed to last a year. She began practicing Falun Gong early in 1999. Several months later, her illnesses vanished. Her whole body and spirit benefited from Dafa practice. She went to Beijing to appeal on Dafa's behalf after the persecution began in 1999, and she was detained for one month at the Shengli Petro Company when she returned. She was sent to Wang Village Forced Labor Camp in late 2000 and released in April 2002. The Wangcun police illegally arrested her at her home in May and deprived her of sleep for eight days. Her body, heart and spirit were severely broken. She was released in 2003 and again detained in 2004 at the Shengli Petro Company Brainwashing Center for three months. Her body became heavy with edema. The Chinese Communist Party pressured and persecuted Ms. Hou Junying for a long period of time between 2004 and her death on May 13, 2007.

She wrote this on May 11, 2007:

I was tortured at the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp. I was not respectful of Teacher and the Fa during this time. I slandered Teacher and the Fa, so I could go home early. I said things I should not have said. I was then tortured by the CCP again, after returning home. My heavy human attachments and weak understanding of the Fa made me fretful, anxious and fearful. I doubted whether our Master was taking care of me. I have always had this attachment to good health and life, and that there would be no hospitals, medicines or death, if I studied the Fa.

I didn't use my righteous thoughts to cultivate. Thus, my selfishness, pursuit of comfort and desire to live like an everyday person came out. I sent some unrighteous thoughts, asking for an illness, so I would be sent to the hospital. It would be an excuse to get out. I also asked for Master's help and support. The evil took advantage of my unrighteous thoughts and I became very ill. Feeling that my righteous thoughts were not sufficient, I went to the hospital for pills and injections. I didn't follow the standard of a cultivator and my health became worse. I was so weak that I could not take care of myself. That totally convinced me to practice Falun Gong. I have deep regrets.

I studied the Fa, practiced Falun Gong and shared with practitioners. I indeed realized, as Master mentioned, that good or bad is determined by a single thought. I will follow the Fa and Master no matter what the tribulations. I will cultivate forever and eliminate any evil blocking my path. I will use my wisdom to follow the path arranged by Master, do well the three things, and truly become a qualified Dafa practitioner. We will not waste Teacher's boundless saving grace.