(Clearwisdom.net) Master clearly told us in "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference":

"Right now, one important thing that needs to be attended to is the matter of how to save more sentient beings, and it is something Dafa disciples are to accomplish during their current process of achieving Consummation. This is Dafa disciples' mission, a duty that cannot be shirked, something that they must do and must complete."

I realize that as Dafa practitioners, our responsibilities have become bigger. In terms of how to prudently do the three things well and accomplish our mission of saving sentient beings, every practitioner must be clear-minded. I understand that as long as we study the Fa well, rectify each of our thoughts by measuring them against Fa principles, maintain righteous thoughts and a firm belief, and eliminate all of our attachments without omission, we will be able to steadily walk to the end, satisfactorily accomplish our missions, and return home with Master.

Here is a small story about something that happened to me recently. I would like to use it as a reference to talk about how we can rectify each of our thoughts and measure them against Fa principles.

One day, toward the end of April, I had with me 100 Falun Gong truth-clarifying CDs, and was about to hand them out by bicycle. Before I set off, a thought suddenly came to me, "Take some cash, just in case the bicycle breaks down and needs to be repaired." As soon as this thought appeared I felt something was wrong. I was setting off with an impure and doubtful thought of "just in case." As I did not firmly negate this thought and rectify it with Fa principles, after I finished handing out the CDs at a place in Hexi District and was about to leave, three sections of the bicycle chain broke, and I had to get it repaired at a nearby maintenance center.

That was when I enlightened to it: Though I had realized that the "just in case" thought was not based on the Fa and was impure, and I had the thought negating this thought, the impure thought was still mixed when I negated it, thus making it an omission. As a result, I was taken advantage of by the evil, causing losses. Getting the bicycle repaired made me miss the time when practitioners globally send forth righteous thoughts together, and my handing out of materials was also interfered with. Through this incident, I enlightened that when an unrighteous thought comes up, one needs to catch it straight away and eliminate it with righteous thoughts. Only when such thoughts no longer exist in one's mind can the negating be counted as thorough. Master has taught us in Zhuan Falun, "matter and mind are one and the same," and, "a good or bad outcome comes from one thought." Only by doing things with a pure heart and mind can we be doing things with our divine side. Only this way will divine phenomena appear and will we be able to do better in saving sentient beings.

During this incident, I made an unexpected discovery. While I was waiting for my bicycle to be repaired, I put two CDs into nearby bicycle baskets. Soon two students who seemed to be of high school age came to take their bicycles. One of them picked up the CD, took a look, did not say anything, put it back into the basket, and happily said to his friend when leaving, "I've finally got a CD!" I understand that this is Master's hint for us: Sentient beings have started to look for the truth, and we should "Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them!" (Hong Yin Volume II)

May 11, 2007