(Clearwisdom.net) I am Zhou Jinhua, a Falun Gong practitioner who resides in Japan. My sister Zhou Meihua lives in Dalian, Liaoning Province in mainland China. In March 2007, she was arrested because she was distributing truth-clarification materials about the persecution. She was illegally imprisoned in a forced labor camp and has been tortured, including being beaten by police.

My mother took Meihua's 8-year-old daughter, Yu Jiahui, to the labor camp for a visit. They witnessed the beatings of Falun Gong practitioners. The child was shocked and hurt and she now worries daily about her mother's wellbeing. Every time I call my mother, little Jiahui, who is now under my mother's care, cries on the phone and begs me to help get her mother released from prison. In the beginning of May, she asked someone to pass me a note: "Auntie, please help rescue my mother." I am appealing to all kind people and governments to uphold justice, and please help me fulfill the dream of an 8-year-old girl.

Please find below all I could learn from my mother and other witnesses about my sister's situation:

On the morning of March 19, 2007, Ms. Zhou Meihua was reported by a janitor when she was distributing truth-clarification materials. Gao Tiansheng, from the Xiuyuejie Police Station of Zhongshan District, Dalian City and other police illegally arrested her. This was the fourth time my sister was arrested since July 20, 1999, when Jiang and his cohorts began the persecution of Falun Gong. Gao Tiansheng robbed her of about 1,000 yuan while searching her person, which included the money she needed for to pay for her daughter's school lunches. Gao and other policemen beat Ms. Zhou because she refused to admit that she had committed any crime. On March 20, Ms. Zhou was taken to Yaojia Detention Center in Dalian, and detained in the Tenth Team, Eighth Supervisory Area.

My mother could not eat or sleep after she learned this. My father is in a coma from a traffic accident. He needs 24-hour care. And Meihua's daughter needs to be taken and picked up daily at school. My mother knows how terrible the police, 610 Office, local residents' committee, the Judicial and Public Security Department and its affiliated organization are. She knows how they persecute Falun Gong practitioners and their families, from brainwashing to torture, including levying illegal fines.

My mother and my niece went to the Xiuyuejie Police Station and requested my sister's release. A group of police surrounded them the minute they arrived. A deputy director shouted at them, and three policemen dragged them down the stairs from the 3rd floor. The security guard seemed to still have some goodness in him. He explained that there was nothing he could do. He said he would lose his job if he didn't obey orders and force them to leave.

My mother also went to Yaojia Detention Center and requested to visit my sister. Her request was denied without an explanation. She had to leave the clothing, toothbrush, and 300 yuan in cash with the guards and asked them to pass them to my sister. Instead, the guards kept all of these items for their personal use.

My mother went many times to the police station and requested my sister's release. Gao Tiansheng tried to avoid her every time. They threatened her and lied to her and made her go to the Public Security offices. My mother was told by the security officers to leave without delay. They claimed that they were not in charge of my sister's persecution. In fact, everyone participated in the persecution.

Around 10:00 a.m. on April 17, police from Xiuyuejie Police Station took Ms. Zhou Meihua from the Yaojia Detention Center and put her in a cage where she could not even stand straight. They took her to Masanjia Forced Labor camp, without notifying her family and without any legal process. This was the second time my sister was taken to a forced labor camp. She refused to sign any of the documents. Gao Tiansheng needed the legal documents and tried to deceive my mother into coming to the police station to sign on behalf of my sister. My mother refused.

On April 26, my mother went from Dalian to Shenyang to visit my sister in Masanjia Labor Camp. The police told her that she could not see her because my sister refused to be "transformed." My mother argued with them. Eventually, 40 days after the initial arrest, my mother saw my sister. My sister was detained in the Third Team, Firs Branch. We heard that the Third Team is for detaining Falun Gong practitioners only.

Within just a month, Meihua looked like a different person. She was very thin and weak. Her hair was cut short and she was in camp uniform. Her face was bathed in tears. Her hands were red and swollen and some of the skin had peeled off. My mother suspected it was as a result of torture. When she asked what had happened, the guard answered that my sister is "too stubborn." My mother asked if she was forced to work, and the guard answered "no." My sister kept repeating that she had a stomachache and she could not sleep.

It is known that the staff at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp force prisoners to work long hours, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., making military uniforms and other clothes. They also at times are forced to do heavy labor from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. or even 11:00 p.m., and longer. But, the camp authorities tell inspectors that the working hours are no longer than six hours daily. Masanjia also persecutes prisoners economically. They charge prisoners more than double the market price for daily necessities and even give them fake or stale products. In order to "save energy resources," prisoners are allowed to take a warm shower only once every two weeks and sometimes only once a month. They are generally allowed to take cold showers only, even in winter. They are not given safe drinking water. At least one meal per day is radish soup only, without any oil and barely any radish in it. I'm very worried about my sister's health and safety.

My mother is more worried. On May 8th, she went with my sister's daughter and three other friends to visit my sister. They could not see my sister. They begged the guard. The guard answered that only "transformed" practitioners could receive visitors. One friend went out and wrote on the street, "Heaven will eliminate the CCP," and "Have a safe future by quitting the CCP." She wanted to awaken the conscience of the police and guards and tell them not to be buried along with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). She wanted to tell them not to lose their future. The police from Masanjia saw this and several of them rushed out to beat her to the ground. Then they dragged her by her hair and threw her into a car. They also arrested two other friends. My sister's daughter witnessed this and cried loudly. The little girl kept having nightmares afterwards.

I beg the United Nations, all human rights groups and government officials worldwide to help my sister. Please help rescue my sister and reunite her family.

Attached is an appeal letter from my sister's daughter, Jiahui:

Dear Auntie and Uncle,

How are you?

I'm writing this letter to you today. Is everything going well? Are you busy at work? I'm doing fine. I will do well in school, please don't worry about me. I will show you good grades. Every day I draw pictures. I also study. Grandpa is doing well these days, so is grandma. Auntie please find a way to help my mother.

Yu Jiahui

May 5, 2007

Phone numbers of those committing crimes against Falun Gong practitioners:

Xiuyuejie Police Station, Dalian City, Liaoning Province
Director Gai: 86-411-82671371
Deputy director, Wang Shaohuai: 86-411-82979701
Instructor, Song Xiaoyou: 86-13322230007 (Cell)
Police in charge of the case, Gao Tianbo: 86-411-81929712
Police (who illegally arrested Ms. Zhou), Gao Tiansheng: 86-13940957510 (Cell), 86-411-83792042

Other units and people who participated in the persecution:
Dalian City Police Station
Zhang Jixian, Dalian city deputy mayor, CCP secretary, police director: 86-411-83793137
Dong Xingbin, deputy CCP secretary, deputy director: 86-411-83793319
Wang Dexing, deputy CCP secretary, deputy director: 86-411-83793156
Qi Guangyin, deputy director, CCP member: 86-411-83793125
Qi Jinming, deputy director, CCP member: 86-411-83631911
Ning Min, deputy director, CCP member: 86-411-83793961
Chen Xin, Dalian City public security director: 86-13009497373 (Cell), 86-411-81907373

Zhongshan District Public Security Department
Director Sha: 86-411-82635451, 86-411-82637089
Fax: 86-411-82635451
Yang Guohua, Leader of Team No.1: 82717939
Dalian City 610 Office (now called Wei Wen Office)
Du Benyou, director: 86-411- 83767128 (Office), 86-411- 83696369 (Home), 86-13904269099 (Cell)
Liu Jing, deputy director: 86-411- 83767610-8160 (Office), 86-411- 84664176 (Home), 86-13384117032 (Cell)

Masanjia Forced Labor Camp:
Team leader of Team No. 3, Wang (surname): 86-24-89210822, 86-24-89212252
Director, Zhang Mingqiang: 86-24-89216655
Main Office: 86-24-89210406

May 23, 2007