(Clearwisdom.net) The purpose of sending forth righteous thoughts for fellow practitioners is not just to help them to eliminate sickness karma, but, more importantly, to help them to correct their deviated notions, to encourage them to upgrade their understanding from within the Fa and to help them let go of their attachments.

In recent years, quite a few fellow practitioners in our area have shown symptoms of sickness. Many of them have been on the verge of death. Some have lost their physical bodies. The persecution by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has damaged cultivation environments through relentless harassment, detention and torture of practitioners and their family members. However, the major reasons for sickness were that practitioners' main consciousnesses were not strong enough and they had many omissions in their cultivation practice. Some of them had given up Dafa. Some even enlightened along a evil path because of a strong attachment to fear.

For practitioners who showed symptoms of sickness karma, our initial solution was to go to the sick practitioner's home to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. After several years, some practitioners actively organized others to send forth righteous thought when they heard of any fellow practitioner showing the symptoms of sickness. Some sick practitioners invited other practitioners to their homes to send forth righteous thoughts. It became a pattern, whenever a practitioner was showing the symptoms of sickness karma, others always thought about sending forth righteous thoughts. However, the results were often inadequate. In addition, it diverted some of our focus from clarifying the truth.

Some practitioners passed away while we were sending forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners' condition stayed the same after we had sent forth righteous thoughts for a long time. However, some practitioners did get better after we sent forth righteous thoughts. On May 9, we heard that a fellow practitioner living in a farm village showed serious symptoms of sickness and several of us were prepared to send forth righteous thoughts. Before we left for this practitioner's home, we had a discussion about the relationship between sending forth righteous thoughts and sickness karma. We understood that we should not treat sending forth righteous thoughts as a method to cure diseases. We should help the fellow practitioner to realize the reason why he was persecuted by the dark minions and find his shortcomings, thereby improving our whole group.

After we reached this agreement, we left for the sick practitioner's home in a distant farm village. When we arrived, many practitioners had already gotten there and were sending forth righteous thoughts. The symptoms of the sickness were very serious. He lay on the bed with a swollen abdomen. Our first goal for sending forth righteous thought was to clean up the space which was not upright. We discussed how we could firmly show belief in Master and the Fa. One practitioner's third eye was open. She mentioned what she saw in different levels and her understandings. She told the sick practitioner that other spaces truly exist. Falun Gong was true.

This practitioner mentioned a story about how an older practitioner in another town prevailed over sickness. The old practitioner's last name was Shi. He did not arrange his life well for cultivation. In the fall of 2006, he developed varicose veins, and his legs were so swollen that he could not wear pants. After an examination in a hospital, the doctor claimed that the disease could not be cured. Surgery to relieve the symptoms required a lot of money. While the practitioner was collecting money and preparing for the surgery, a steadfast practitioner came to visit the practitioner to help him find a better way. The older practitioner started to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts again. After three days, his leg healed. This practitioner was thankful that Master let him witness the miracle of Dafa. Therefore, he made up his mind to become steadfast. However, after a period of time, his painting work load was getting heavier and his time to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts was getting less. In 2007, one side of his body suddenly could not move, he could not talk clearly, and his blood pressure reached 240. The old practitioner was frightened and went to a hospital for an injection to reduce his blood pressure. However, his blood pressure then reached 260. The steadfast practitioner came to see him again. After a discussion, the older practitioner started to study the Fa again, practice the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. In less than three days, not only could he move, but he could ride a bicycle. He could talk normally. He made up his mind again to do well the three things that Master has requested of us. The steadfast practitioner also urged him to no longer play games with Master's mercy.

Through such examples, we encouraged belief in Master and the Fa for the practitioner showing symptoms of sickness. One practitioner shared the story of his shortcomings in front of all the practitioners. After his wife was arrested, jailed and persecuted for practicing Falun Gong, he worked as a long-distance driver in southern China in order to make more money to raise their child. In the beginning, he did not have much time to study the Fa and practice the exercises. After a period of time, he behaved as an ordinary person and did all the things that an ordinary person does. He felt very guilty about some bad things he did, and felt that he could not be a Dafa disciple. Another practitioner advised him that he should not lie down after a fall. Instead of blaming himself, he should understand his shortcomings and get rid of them. Even if he had signed a contract with the old forces, he should disavow it. He should follow Master's request to do the three things and come back to Dafa cultivation. At last, the practitioner said happily, "From now on, I will treat myself as a new Falun Gong practitioner. I will start again and do well the three things that Master asks us to do." Another practitioner reminded him that he should reject the persecution of the old forces by taking righteous actions as Master wrote in Hong Yin Volume II (English translation version B), "Once your thought is righteous, evil will collapse." The sick practitioner then said he would definitely practice better in the future.

Before we arrived, the sick practitioner was constantly burping. However, after half an hour, the uncontrolled burping stopped. We feel that our discussion was from the standpoint of the Fa. It shows the relationship between sending forth righteous thoughts and sickness karma. Therefore, we would like to offer it as a reference for fellow practitioners.

May 11, 2007