(Clearwisdom.net) In May of 1994, a qigong enthusiast sent me a copy of the book Falun Gong. He asked me to read it quickly, and said that there would be a lecture series in Chengdu City later in the month. So I immediately started reading the book. I became more and more excited as I read the book. I could not put it down until I finished reading it. I felt very excited and emotional; I had finally found the Master that I had yearned for for so long. On May 28th I went to Chengdu to register for the lectures with two other qigong enthusiasts. I saw many people from all over the country, including such places as from Liaoning, Hebei, Yunan, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Beijing, and Chongqing.

The next day, May 29th, Master began his Fa lecture in an auditorium near the hotel. I saw some people sitting in wheelchairs and walking with crutches in the auditorium.

After Master lectured on the Fa for nearly two hours, he asked everyone to think of areas of sickness in their bodies. For those with no sickness, Master asked them to think of sick family members. Master called out one, two, three, and then stamped his feet. At that moment, I saw Master sweeping his hand from right to left, as if clenching something from the field, flinging it to the ground, and stepping on it on the ground. He repeated the move twice. Practitioners with their celestial eye opened saw that Master had grabbed all kinds of animals in his hand, some of which tried to crawl out, and some were squealing.

After the lecture, I saw in person that the people who were in wheelchairs and clutches were standing up like normal people, and they steadily walked out of the auditorium, all smiles. People were circling around them, walking together in joyful discussions.

On the third day, Master, tall and impressive, walked up to the lecture podium in shining spirits. The whole audience clapped their hands enthusiastically. Master benevolently motioned for us to quiet down and gave a gentle smile. Watching Master and listening in full attention, I didn't miss a word. However, suddenly I happened to close my eyes. A practitioner next to me said, "You are in a trance." I immediately opened my eyes to control myself. But before long, the practitioner told me again that I was in a trance. Later I heard Master say, just as he wrote in Zhuan Falun,

"A small number of people might even fall asleep, and then they'll wake right up when I finish talking. Why does that happen? Because there are diseases in their heads, so they have to be adjusted. There's no way people could stand having their heads adjusted, so you have to anesthetize them." ("The Second Talk" 2003 translation version)

So it was Master adjusting my body. The same afternoon, I walked like the wind when going shopping. The practitioner with me said, "You looked so spirited today!"

I was sitting between the 20th and the 30th row, and wanted to see Master closer up. Every day before the lecture when we ate a meal, Master had already arrived at the podium. When the lecture was over, before we could even exit the auditorium, Master had already left. One day I thought of trying to walk out of the auditorium quickly to see Master. But the auditorium was upstairs in the hotel, and there was only one entrance/exit. As everyone was exiting at the same time, people were polite and let others go first. I was embarrassed to rush out before everyone else. So I could only walk out slowly like the others. I could not see Master up close that day.

When I went downstairs, unexpectedly I saw Master standing in the yard. I was so happy! I hastened my steps toward Master. About two meters away from Master, I involuntarily stopped. Several other practitioners were also at this distance. Most other practitioners were walking quietly while watching Master. The next day when entering the auditorium, I told the accompanying practitioner about seeing Master at a close distance. Just on the other side of a circular staircase, I saw Master standing about three meters away. I was like a little child seeing his mother. I jumped excitedly and said to the practitioner, "See, Master appeared right when we were talking about him!"

On the last two days of the class, I felt very sad as I didn't want to part with Master. The last day finally came. When Master announced that the class had finished, I was full of tears. It was as if I had just met up with a long separated family member, and soon he was leaving me again. It was very difficult to separate.

It was now close to dinner time, and my head was full of anxious thoughts. When could I see Master again? I could not stop crying. When I looked up, I suddenly saw that six meters away, Master was talking to an older gentleman. I quickly wiped my tears and watched carefully. I asked two veteran practitioners from Dalian standing by if it was Master. They both replied, "Yes." They saw me shedding tears, so they understood my feelings. They came over and took my hands, one on the left and one on the right. They said, "Let's go and meet Master." I stopped my tears.

The three of us, hand in hand, walked to behind Master about one meter away. We stood quietly. I saw the older man holding a notebook, and wiping tears. Master kindly patted his shoulder and said, "Cultivate well after going back." At this moment, the two Dalian practitioners squeezed my hands and said, "Be quick, talk to Master." I said, "Master's lecture was very clear, I do not have questions to ask. I only wanted to see Master closely." I thought in my heart: Master, you are so good. Good bye now, I will only be able to see you again in photos.

At that moment, Master turned and saw me right away. A few seconds later he turned to the two Dalian practitioners and said, "You still haven't left?" They replied, "Not yet." I quietly watched Master, and did not pay attention to what they said to Master. This was the closest I had been to Master during the class, within one meter, and it was also my last time seeing Master. The two young but experienced Dalian practitioners saw that I had nothing to say, and then gently tugged on me to walk away.

I have been on this path for 13 years now. I cherished this chance of thousands of years, and stepped onto the golden path of cultivating Falun Dafa. No matter what the tribulations, I will closely follow Master, attain the Right Fruit, and return home.

May 12, 2007