(Clearwisdom.net) The methods that Liu Shaoshi, director of the Weiningying Labor Camp in Benxi, Liaoning Province, uses to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners are extremely sinister and ruthless. He instigates police officers Ding Huibo, Guo Tieying, Zheng Tao, and Zheng Kai, to forcefully "transform" Falun Dafa practitioners. The cruelty of the methods that they use on practitioners is escalating. The method they use routinely is called the "Death Bed torture". Several Falun Dafa practitioners were tortured this way and some have become disabled afterwards.

Falun Dafa practitioner Xin Shuren, from Tieling, was tortured until he was emaciated. He was not able to walk or look after himself, but they wouldn't stop torturing him. He should have been released on February 14, 2007, but his sentence was extended for three months because he refused to be "transformed".

Falun Dafa practitioner Sun Tiechun, had been put on the Death Bed once a year from 2004 to 2006 because he would not give up his belief. Now he is disabled; his arms and legs are useless.

Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Chengguo, from Fengcheng City, was put under the so-called "Strict Management". He was often beaten and verbally abused by the prison guards. Once, Liu Chengguo did not go for exercises and as a result was beaten by guard Ding Huibo, and confined to a solitary compartment for half a month. Another time, when Liu Shaoshi was "teaching a lesson," Liu Chengguo was standing behind him. One guard asked Liu Chengguo to stand at the front. Liu Chengguo didn't listen, so the guard started to beat him. Liu Shaoshi was watching beside them. As long as Liu Chengguo does not "transform", they will look for trouble and find fault in order to force him to renounce his faith.

Recently, two more Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested. One is Lang Qingsheng from Donggang, and the other one is Zhang Qinggui from Fengcheng. They have been under 24 hours of "Strict Management" for several days. They are barely allowed to have even a little sleep. Guards and collaborators take turns watching them. Liu Shaoshi said, "Destroy their willpower and break their bodies."

May 16, 2007