(Clearwisdom.net) In Nehe City, Heilongjiang Province, Fu Libin, head of the 610 Office, led almost ten police officers to arrest practitioners Ms. Ai Guifeng, Ms. Li Lanqin, and six others (three of whom are new practitioners). The practitioners were at work at the City People's Hospital at the time. The police also ransacked their homes.

The 610 Office agents held the practitioners in the Molidawa Detention Center in Inner Mongolia. They interrogated them for 24 hours every day for 10 days without letting them sleep. They also tortured the practitioners for 10 days in an attempt to make them talk.

Practitioner Ms. Ai Guifeng went on a hunger strike for 20 days to protest the persecution and torture. She was very weak due to deprivation of sleep and lack of food. In mid March, Ms. Ai and Ms. Li Lanqin were illegally sentenced to Qiqihar Forced Labor Camp for two years.

Four other practitioners were released after being fined 10,000 yuan.

May 5, 2007