(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Lianying is from the Chaoyang District. She is currently detained in Tiantanghe Women's Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Zhang was brutally beaten on March 27, 2007. She sustained many severe injuries to her head and body. She passed out and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment.

In order to conceal their crimes, the Beijing Women's Labor Camp Administration tried to cut off her connection to the outside world. Ms. Zhang's husband, Niu Jinping, is also a practitioner. At one time he held an interview with European Parliament Vice President Edward McMillan-Scott. Mr. Niu has gone to the labor camp many times with their three-year-old daughter. He requested to visit his injured wife and to have her bailed out for medical treatment. He also wanted the people who beat her to be held responsible. The Camp Administration has tried many different tactics to send Mr. Niu away. They've even threatened to forbid him from visiting his wife if he brings up such a request.

On the afternoon of May 18, 2007, Mr. Niu, carrying his daughter, along with Ms. Zhang's second older brother and younger brother, arrived at the Tiantanghe Hospital located in the Daxing District to visit his wife.

Several guards took them to the small room where Ms. Zhang was being treated. The door was blocked by two huge desks, while two guards stood on the left side and four more guards stood on the right. The family had to talk with Ms. Zhang across the huge desks and with the guards surrounding them. They were only allowed a few minutes and then were told, "Time is up; you must go now!"

Ms. Zhang's family asked if her medical leave procedures were under way. Management Office Chair Shi (gender unknown) replied, "This beating incident is still under investigation; there is no bail procedure being processed." When Mr. Niu Jinping continued to ask why they would not process her medical leave, Shi threatened him, saying, "If you are not quiet, I will forbid you from visiting as well!" The camp has refused to allow Ms. Zhang's brothers to visit ever since.

May 22, 2007