(Clearwisdom.net) My son is in middle school. He came home one day and anxiously said, "Mom, the school is once again mobilizing all students to join the Party. The focus is on the graduating class and they are asking the whole class to join. There is a a school meeting tomorrow. What am I going to do?"

I became very anxious and thought, "We cannot let the wicked Communist Party poison innocent children. We must stop it!" There were not many truth-clarification materials left in my home and there was no time to get more from my fellow practitioners either. How could I utilize these materials to achieve the best results? Burning with anxiety, I asked Teacher for guidance.

All of a sudden a bold idea came to me, "I can distribute the truth-clarification materials to the teachers and the principal. The teachers' residence is behind the campus and I know how to get there. This is it!"

But then a strong sentiment of fear enveloped me: "The campus guards are on duty 24 hours a day, and the teachers' residence is at the very back of the campus. How can I pass through to the residential area safely? How should I act if anything goes wrong? How do I get back safely? I don't have experience in this regard." I was dispirited, full of human notions, and felt helpless. I aimlessly opened the door to the yard, then to the rooms, and fell onto the sofa and thought, "Teacher, what do I do?" Full of anxiety and feeling weak, I wanted to cry.

About two minutes passed. I then heard a gentle voice saying, "My child, don't be afraid! Go and I will take care of everything. Go, my child." I immediately realized that it was Teacher, "Teacher!" It was Teacher calling me! "Teacher!" I stood up and looked around, tears streaming down my face. I wiped away my tears, picked up the bag with the materials, went out of the room and out of the yard. I felt a warm current going through my body and I was bathed in the Buddha's Light.

I headed to the campus and then to the big residential building. I dared not to omit any household. With Teacher's protection, everything went smoothly, and nearly 100 families received the truth-clarification materials. The next day the school campus was in great turmoil. The principal reported the incident to the police station, and 610 Office agents went to the guards to try to understand the situation. The campus security guard said, "I was on duty the whole evening, but I didn't see any stranger enter the campus. It is not possible that any Falun Gong people could pass by me, absolutely not possible!" The police checked the walls surrounding the campus and carefully checked everywhere in the campus. They had many questions such as, "How many Falun Gong people came in? How did they get in?" When they reported their investigation to the city government and committee they could not help but say, "Falun Gong is very mysterious. We didn't find any trace of how they entered the campus."

The vice principal of the middle school is the nephew of a practitioner. After the investigation was over, he went to visit his aunt. He described the incident as if it were a myth, and at the end he said, "The incident has had a big impact on the educational system. We will not urge students to join the Party anymore. The incident also shook up the city committee. They did not want the impact of this incident to grow any larger than necessary so as to protect their political future. Falun Gong is truly great!"

Through this incident, I doubly recognize Teacher's great mercy and Buddha's infinite grace. I thank Teacher for the children and sentient beings that were saved in the city. Thank you, Teacher!