(Clearwisdom.net) On April 18, the police in Wangqing County, Jilin Province, illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioner, Le Wenzhi. He was brutally tortured and his house was searched and property confiscated. The police used the excuse that they had found Falun Gong informational materials, and that Li Wenzhi had taught his son to practice Falun Gong. They then attempted to sentence Le Wenzhi to one and a half years in a forced labor camp.

Li Wenzhi has already been detained in the Wangqing County Detention Center for twenty days. There is currently no one taking care of his son, Li Shaozhen, who is around ten years old. When Li Wenzhi's father, who is over eighty years old, learned that Le had been arrested, and that his grandson had lost his father, at that moment he couldn't stand any more, and suddenly his haematuria became serious and he was sent to the hospital.

On April 23, the police in the Dongguang Town Detention Center tried to put Li Wenzhi's son into the custody of his parents, who were in poor health, and the child's mother. However they did not succeed. They even said that they would put him into a nursing home, however they couldn't. Finally, they could only put the child into the detention center. Although the child could still go to school every day, his father was being held in a detention center. How could the child study well in school? One time his grandmother came to see him and found his pencil box empty of pencils.

On May 6, Mr. Li's mother came to Wangqing County to ask for his son back. When Mr. Li's mother came to the Dongguang Town Detention Center in Qangqin County, the detention center people said that this was May 1, a holiday, and people were not allowed to see their relatives. The second day she went to the Donggoung Detention Center again, but the detention center's door was locked. She knocked on the door many times, but still no one came to open it. That day the wind was very strong. The older lady was standing on the side of the road for more than an hour, then she went back to knock on the door again and called her grandson's name. A policeman came out with an extremely rude and abominable attitude. The elderly lady said that she wanted to see her grandson. Eventually the officer started to curse her, which made her heart beat fast. Finally she had no alternative but to go home.

On the morning of May 8, the chief of the Donggoung Detention Center, Pei Yongnan, called the Wangqing County Public Security Bureau in front of Mr. Li's mother and said that she wanted to see her son, but the person at the other end of the line, (perhaps it was Guan Qingyou) said that it was not allowed. The elderly lady could only take her grandson directly to find the Country Protection team leader, Guan Qingyou, and say that she needed to see her son. For some reason, at this moment, Guan Qingyou agreed to let her see him. Guan had deceived Mr. Li's mother by saying that if he agreed that he would no longer practice Falun Dafa, then they would release him right away.

In the afternoon, Mr. Li's mother was helped by some kind hearted people to the Country Protection team in Wangqing County. The team leader, Guan Qingyou, drove a car with three people to the Wangqing County Detention Center in Zhongan Village. Mr. Li was on a hunger strike protesting the persecution. His original weight was more than one hundred sixty pounds, but now he was very skinny, and walked shakily. His face had turned yellow, and he didn't even have the strength to talk. Suddenly, she couldn't hold her sorrow in any longer. Her heart was so painful, that she cried out involuntary.

Since the policeman, Guan Qingyou, was team leader of the Country Protection in Wangqing County, he always followed Jiang Zemin's regime to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Almost all of the Dafa practitioners in Wangqing County had been illegally arrested, extorted, and put into a detention center while Guan had either directly handled or controlled it, while on the surface, pretending otherwise.

This time Li Wenzhi went on a hunger strike to protest, but Guan said that in Wangqing County, anyone who tries this kind of thing won't succeed. He said that even if he died, it had nothing to do with him. Someone asked Guan, "Li Wenzhi was only at home teaching his son to do exercises and to be a good person. Why put him into a forced labor camp for one and a half years? Guan said, "Whoever I want to arrest, I have a way to arrest them. He also said that he would like to arrest the old lady who is over seventy that lived near Li, and to detain her for fifteen days. That is really evil to the extreme.

Li Wenzhi's mother wants her son back, but it didn't work out. Her husband was still sick and needed people to take care of him. Therefore she could only go home.

Now this elderly lady talks about her family's mistreatment to anyone she meets. She tells about how her son was illegally arrested and persecuted, how her grandson has no one to take care of him, and how her husband is at home with a very serious illness. She was also very sick. Everyone that heard about this family's miserable situation felt that it was unfair, and also cried for them.

Li Wenzhi's parent: 86-433-8451245 (Home), sister: 86-433-8451292 (Home)
The police department and people related to this persecution:
Donggoung Elementary School in Wangqin County: 86-433-8590528
Teacher in charge of the class, Le Shaozhen, Han Yonggang: 86-13944776171
Donggoung Town Detention Center in Wangqing County: 86-433-8590514
Chief of the detention center, Pei Yongnan: 86-13843346669 (Cell)
Political instructor, Le Zuolu: 86-13844768388 (Cell)
Office staff, Pu Minggen: This person is comparatively evil: 86-13844777968 (Cell)
Police officer, Pu Haitao: 86-433-8267777
Wang Bohua: 86-13844768727 (Cell)
Du Dong
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Team leader, Guan Qingyou: Switchboard transfer to 7566, 86-433-8830016 (Home), 86-13944770818 (Cell)
Instructor, Cui Xiongzhi switchboard transfer to 7555, 86-433-8829944 (Home), 86-13904462303 (Cell)
Wangqin detention center: 86-433-8828400 Ext.7569