The plaintiff: Ms. Su Jingzhen, a seventy-four-year-old resident of Shijinggou, Fengman District, Jilin City, Jilin Province.

The charges:

  1. Ignoring established legal procedures, the National Security Group illegally arrested a citizen who committed no crime.
  2. The authorities illegally posted notices of detainment.
  3. Several police officers, including Di Shigang, secretly set up a torture room and used the site to coerce confessions.
  4. Police officer Sun Zhuang illegally confiscated money from his victims and kept it for his own use.

The facts:

My daughter, Wang Liqiu, hasn't been home since she went out at around 4:00 p.m. on February 13, 2007. Our family searched for her everywhere, and later, after hearing that officers from the Xiangyang Police Station had arrested someone nearby, we went to the station around midnight to inquire as to her whereabouts. We were told that the police hadn't arrested anyone, but the National Security Group had. Family members immediately went to the city's National Security Group to ask for her. The person on duty told them that they had indeed arrested some people, and if Wang Liqiu was among those arrested, they would notify her family within twenty-four hours. The next day the family went to the city's National Security Group again. The guard wouldn't let them in. They called the group on the phone, and no one would tell them whether they had arrested Wang Liqiu. The family repeatedly went to National Security Group to inquire, and got no information.

On March 6, twenty-two days after Wang Liqiu had gone missing, the family received the notice of detainment, which gave no explanation for the delayed notification.

On March 14 the family learned that Wang Liqiu had been taken to a police canine training base in Chuanying District, Jilin City by section head Di Shigang and National Security Group officer Sun Zhuang on February 13. In a secret torture room the officers had poured eight cups of a water and mustard mixture into her nose. They filled her nose until the liquid was coming out of her mouth, and Wang Liqiu blacked out several times. Di Shigang and the others threw cold water on her to wake her, and then resumed pouring the mustard water into her nose. This caused Wang Liqiu to suffer several heart attacks. She was extremely ill and at death's door. Additionally, police officer Sun Zhuang stole four hundred forty-four yuan from Wang Liqiu, and kept it for himself.

The above is what the family has learned. There is much the family still doesn't know, but it's clear that officers of the District Police National Security Group have illegally arrested citizens who've broken no laws, illegally sent notices of detainment, set up a secret torture chamber and used it to force their victims to confess, and stolen their victims' money. In so doing they've violated Article 108 of the Public Security Bureau's Procedures for Processing Criminal Cases, Article 22 of the Law for Police Serving the People's Republic of China and Article 247 of the Criminal Code, justifying severe consequences.

We request that the People's Procuratorate process this case according to the law and immediately release Wang Liqiu.

Applicant: Su Jingzhen

Sent on April 25, 2007 to: Jilin City Procuratorate, Jilin City District PD

CC: Jilin City 610 Office, Jilin City Political and Legal Committee, Jilin City People's Congress, Jilin City People's Political Consult Conference, Jilin City Women's Association

May 13, 2007