(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2004, while Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Xiang Hairong was shopping at a roadside stall, a police car stopped beside her, and several policemen jumped out and grabbed her. Policeman Zhou Jiang handcuffed her hands behind her back, and she was then pushed into the car.

On May 26, 2004, Ms. Xiang was sentenced to two years at Baimalong Forced Labor Camp by the police branch chief Zhou Jiang. She had her hands cuffed behind her back and was sent to the labor camp, even though at the time she was suffering from severe muscle spasms in both her hands and right foot.

In order to send Ms. Xiang to the labor camp, the police at Dahualing Police Station of Xiangtan City coerced several people to make charges against her. Ms Cheng Ling, a non-practitioner, was threatened with arrest if she did not report that Ms. Xiang had tried to give her Falun Gong materials, and Ms. Xiang's husband was forced to testify that she teaches her three-year-old son Falun Gong. They also got one of her neighbors, who is mentally handicapped, to make a statement against her.

Ms. Xiang was thus sentenced to two years of forced labor. When the police were asked about the evidence, the reply was, "Three people reported you. That's enough to send you to labor camp." When Ms. Xiang's mother Shen Qiaoxu went to the detention center to visit her, she learned that her daughter had already been sent to the labor camp, without any notice to the family. Ms. Shen went to the police station and was handed a sheet of paper with the words: "Xiang Hairong has been sent to a labor camp." Ms. Xiang's father was going to use the document to seek legal recourse, but the police told them, "She will be released if you return the paper to us." They did, but Ms. Xiang was not released as promised.

Parents Arrested While Visiting Their Daughter

In July 2005, Ms. Shen Qiaoxu and her husband brought their grandson to the labor camp to visit their daughter Ms. Xiang Hairong, and to give her Master's articles. But Shen Qiaoxu was arrested by a prison guard named Auyang Xu and a policeman whose surname is Zhao. The labor camp notified the Shifeng Police Branch of Zhuzhou City. Policeman Tan Wen was directly involved in torturing Shen Qiaoxu at the labor camp. They handcuffed her to a window frame and demanded to know where Master's article had come from. Policeman Tan Wen hit Ms. Shen in the head and face, saying, "If you do not tell me here, I will force you tell me when you come to the police station."

Later Ms. Shen Qiaoxu was taken to the Shifeng Police Branch of Zhuzhou City. They did not get any information from her, but they fabricated the affidavits, and policeman Tan Wen signed for Shen Qiaoxu. They used this to arrest both Shen Qiaoxu and her husband, and held them for fifteen days in the Xiangtan City Detention Center.

Policeman Dai Qunxing, Zhou Jang from Jiangbin Machinery Factory, and the Jiangbin Police Station have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners since the persecution started on July 20, 1999. Several Falun Gong practitioners from Jiangbin Machinery Factory have been arrested and sent to labor camp.

In mid-April 2000, practitioner Ms. Shen Qiaoxu went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. She was detained for fifteen days. While there, the police took away her money and spent it. They also stopped her pension for nine months.

On February 20, 2006 police sent Cao Lijiao and Ms. Shen Qiaoxu to Baimalong Forced Labor Camp for a one-year term. The labor camp refused to accept Shen Qiaoxu, because her blood pressure was too high at 210. A second physical checkup showed the same result. Policeman Da Qunxing said, "You have to take this person. I have already talked with our boss."

Policemen Dai Qunxing, Zhou Jian and their cohorts at the Police Station of the Jiangbin Machinery Factory have followed Jiang Zemin's regime since July 20, 1999 and have persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners repeatedly. As a result of their actions, several Dafa practitioners at the factory were detained and later sent to forced labor camps.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Quan Huiping has not given up her belief, in spite of arrest, detention and two labor camp sentences. Her home has been ransacked over ten times, and her husband died as a result of persecution.

The following practitioners from this area have suffered from persecution: Li Tiejun, Quan Huiping, Xiang Hairong, Cao Lijiao, Kan Guinian, Ran Dazheng, Zhao Yaping, Li Wenming and Hu Guohua. Out of these practitioners, Zhao Yaping, Li Wenming and Hu Guohua have died as a result of the persecution. In addition, the police have turned many non-practitioners and new practitioners against Dafa with their smear campaigns.

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