(Clearwisdom.net) I am one of millions of Dafa cultivators. Although I have never met Master, through continuous cultivation, I deeply feel that Dafa is supernormal. Every one of my improvements has its roots in Master and Dafa. Without Master's benevolent salvation I could never have been given a new life.

I began to practice Falun Dafa at the end of May 1998. During the two years before then, I had severe arthritis. As a result, I had to wear kneepads and my hands could not touch cold water. It was difficult for me to walk downstairs because of the pain in my knee joints. I looked like a teetering old person even though I was only a little over 20 years old at the time. I tried a variety of medical treatments, but it was difficult to treat and very agonizing. I had been an athlete since I was young, and after graduation from college I began teaching physical education. I was young; why was I in such terrible condition? I thought about it but could not find an answer.

I went to the park every morning to do some exercises. There was a group of people who did certain slow moving exercises, which seemed very fitful to me. The most attractive thing to me was the music. I stood near the group and watched them doing their exercises. I wanted to participate but did not know how much they charged. If it was expensive, I could not participate because at that time the financial situation of my family was not very good.

I observed them for several days and finally decided to stand behind this group of people. As I began to do the exercises, a practitioner approached me and corrected my movements. I was very grateful and said promptly, "Thank you, teacher." The practitioner replied immediately, "Don't call me teacher. I am not the teacher. There is only one Master in Dafa. We are all equal practitioners." I was amazed because I was a new practitioner. How could I be equal to him? There were no ranks in Dafa. I was shocked!

After finishing the movements, I asked this practitioner, "How much do I have to pay to study Falun Gong? I will bring the fee to you tomorrow." The practitioner smiled and told me, "It is not necessary to pay a fee to study Falun Gong. It's free of charge and we are volunteers who pass on Falun Dafa." I was shocked by his words and thought that in today's society nothing is free anymore. Falun Gong is so special! So I started to cultivate Falun Dafa, and the happiest time in my life began.

At the beginning, I only knew how to do the exercises, but did not know how to study the Fa. One day after I had finished the exercises, the assistant told me that practitioners who had time went to the kindergarten in the park and studied the Fa together from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. I was curious, so I decided to attend. This was the first time I had seen a copy of Zhuan Falun, which is a precious book that changed my life. At that time we were short of books, so I was only able to read a few parts during Fa-study. Because I could not read the entire book, I was very anxious. I looked forward to owning a book.

Several days later, I accidentally saw that a colleague of mine was reading Zhuan Falun. I was very excited and borrowed the book from her. The book was not hers; she also had borrowed it from someone else, and she cherished it very much. She told me to finish reading it during my day off. I began to read the Fa eagerly and read the nine lectures as quickly as I could. Although I was not able to understand some of it very well, I had an elementary impression of Dafa. I felt as though each cell in my body was excited and jubilant.

Several days later, a senior practitioner lent me a videotape with Master's lectures. In order to return it as soon as possible, I took advantage of my off duty hours and watched the Guangzhou Lecture. I remember clearly the first night. I had to vomit before I watched the video. While watching the video, I vomited even more severely. In the end, I was very weak and had difficulty sitting up. I did not understand the reason but was able to go to work as usual. The next day when I watched the video, my situation improved. By the third day I had recovered. I felt very much at ease and as though every pore was gossamer. That night, I finished watching the video and returned it. The practitioner who loaned me the video was surprised that I was able to return it so quickly. I told her that I had been vomiting during these several days, especially when I was watching the video. The practitioner explained to me that Master had purified my body and that I should be grateful that Master watched over me so quickly. She also suggested to me that I read the Fa more and then I would understand everything. This practitioner loaned Zhuan Falun to me until I could get my own.

According to the advice in Zhuan Falun, I began to study the Fa more and gradually understood more of the Fa principles. As a result, my notions and behavior underwent world-shaking changes. I no longer worried about my family not showing any emotion toward me. I no longer felt sorry whether people understood me when I did good things. Also, I no longer felt a world weariness. Master purified my body and many times a hot current passed through my body. Later I realized that Master did Guanding (pouring energy into the top of one's head; initiation ritual) for me. In addition, my celestial eye was opened. At that time, I did not understand it and thought that the celestial eye of every practitioner had also been opened. I saw a white, coiled cloud shape substance encircling practitioners. I saw this white substance moving upward with practitioners' hands when they did the third exercise. I saw small Falun rotating on the tops of practitioners' heads.

I can remember one thing especially clearly. One morning, when I fell asleep, I felt a little tugging in my lower abdomen. At the same time, I heard an animal's voice and woke up. At that time, I did not know what had happened, but later on, through Fa study, I came to understand that Master had eliminated the animal spirit that possessed me. In the past, I had contacted those people who used a "cosmic language" and hoped that I could cure other people's illnesses. I also had accepted those people's things. After reading Dafa books, I realized how foolish I had been and that it had been very dangerous. Master has done a lot for me unconditionally, and I believe that Master has done many more things for me that I am not even aware of. Master has done so much for us! Every time I think about this, I can't help but cry. It is difficult to express my appreciation to Master. Only by being diligent can I live up to Master's mercy.