(Clearwisdom.net) On August 15, 1993 Master held the second Falun Gong class in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It lasted eight days, instead of ten, in order to lighten the financial burdens of the practitioners. The class was held in the auditorium of Guiyang Medical College. The number of the practitioners was several times more than the first one, and the whole auditorium was full of practitioners standing on the side.

Fellow practitioner A shared the following story:

I heard several years ago that an outstanding Qigong Master would teach Buddha Fa and offer salvation to mankind. My colleague who attended the first class told me, "Master Li will hold the second Falun Gong class in Guiyang City, and Falun Gong is different from the common Qigong that you know. Falun Gong not only has the effect of healing and fitness, but also can purify one's mind and give one a new life. If we miss the opportunity we will not have another opportunity and will regret it all our lives." I was seeking an outstanding Qigong master, so after hearing this news I immediately bought a ticket to attend Master's class. When I first met Master I found that Master was indeed very refined and brilliant. Many colors made up the aura around his head. I was very glad that I finally met the Master whom I was looking forward to meeting. Several practitioners and I agreed that we would kowtow toward Master when he walked down the platform. Master told us kindly that it was unnecessary to kowtow and worship him, and it was fine for us to call him Teacher Li. In addition, Master said that as long as we cultivated Falun Gong genuinely he would be responsible for us and regarded us as disciples. When hearing these words we felt settled in our hearts.

Several days later, when I listened to Master's lecture I often saw that Master had countless Falun flying in the sky. Some were cleaning up the field and some fell on practitioners' bodies to help rectify their bodies. I also saw a big energy column behind Master going straight up to heaven and many Buddhas, Taos and Gods were kneeling in heaven above the auditorium. Some practitioners saw a big Falun rotating over their own houses and protection shield, etc. We went to ask Master curiously how to explain these phenomena. Master replied with a smile that it was a good thing have one's Celestial Eye open, but not to be attached to it. During the lecture Master asked us to stamp our feet in order to help purify our bodies. Also he reminded us to think about the illnesses of our family members. At that time, I thought of my mother. When I returned home, a miracle had occurred. My mother, who had high blood pressure and severe retina atrophy that nearly resulted in blindness, told me that during the night she felt very strange when she found the room full of multi-colored, round and bright wheels rotating. In addition, one time she felt that her heart had been grasped suddenly and then she felt very comfortable. She had no pain and could fall asleep easily. I was glad to tell my mother that it was my Master who helped her purify her body. My mother appreciated Master very much. Later she began to study the Fa and recite Hong Yin.

Fellow practitioner B shared the following:

When the second class was over, Master promised our practitioners to take a group photo with the practitioners in Qianling Park. When taking pictures the practitioners shook Master's hand and asked Master to stand here and there. Master was always smiling and tried to accommodate all the requests. After taking pictures Master led the practitioners to climb Qianling Mountain, and chose an exercise site and then cleared the field in other dimensions. While walking, Master told the practitioners earnestly that we should cherish this cultivation environment and that Guizhou Province was a good place for cultivation. Later on the exercise site chosen by Master attracted a lot of practitioners from all over the country, sometimes as many as several thousand. Many practitioners saw Master's large fashen guarding the site, big Falun rotating and protection shield. In addition, the energy was very strong. After meditation some practitioners found damp Qi on the ground that had been discharged from their bodies. Some practitioners who previously could only meditate for half an hour could now meditate for an hour. Furthermore, they would rather continue meditating than quit. After doing the exercises the whole body felt relaxed and well. There were a lot of such exercise sites. The practitioners followed Master's words and cherished them very much. Every day they came from dawn to dusk, and insisted on coming to the environment chosen by Master. Moreover, Master watched over and urged the practitioners to be diligent.

On New Year's Day of 1994, a group exercise site declared a three-day holiday. Actually nothing could outsmart Master. Master phoned the assistant of Guizhou assistant center to ask if cultivating Falun Gong should take a holiday for the New Year. Later the veteran disciple recalled the incident and he was filled with regret, and said that his inborn quality was so bad and that he had made a big mistake. He felt so sorry he had let down Master's benevolent salvation.

At present, Minghui Radio's broadcasts have begun to broadcast the exercising music through the satellite from 3:50 a.m. every morning. Master said,

"That ought to be a good thing. I am still observing it and looking to see how it ultimately turns out." ("Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference")

Most practitioners came to understand that group exercise is the demand and arrangement of cooperation with Fa-rectification. We all realized that the disciples, who have experienced eight years of persecution by the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and participated in Fa-rectification based on steadfast belief in Master and Dafa, have no reason not to overcome the laziness and get rid of the attachment of pursuing comfort. We also have no reason to be slack and apathetic so that we do not do well according to Master's requirement. For the future enlightened beings in the new universe, the last moment is very worthwhile of being cherished. Moreover, Master is watching over us! Fellow practitioners, let us be diligent hand in hand.

Fellow practitioner C recalled that he had suffered a severe emotional trauma when he was an infant and was often criticized by his parents so that he felt despair and even had a thought of suicide. One time he heard some information from a colleague, who had attended a Falun Gong class, that Falun Gong not only had the effect of healing and fitness, but also could purify our minds and enlarge one's breadth of mind. In addition, he said that Falun Gong helped cultivators break away from hardship and it was very fortunate that they met; therefore, he tried to attend the second Falun Gong class held in Guiyang City by Master. After attending the whole lecture, he was completely amazed. He understood the reason why a being would be lost, and it was because he had not followed the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Only by assimilating to Dafa and changing ourselves fundamentally, will we have a good future. After understanding this cosmic truth he decided to cultivate well and looked inside at all times. At the same time, he decided to get rid of his attachments and let his true self emerge and return to his real home. At the beginning of the class, his inborn quality was not good. When he saw some practitioners try to sit in Master's chair, he went to sit in it as well. To his surprise, Master suddenly stood in front of him and solemnly asked them to leave. In addition, Master said that only by cultivating genuinely we could obtain the Fa, and it was not useful to sit in the chair. Master also said that when he was giving the lecture the Gong sent out was very powerful and existed everywhere. Every time practitioner C recalled it he felt deeply ashamed. Later when a lot of practitioners asked for Master's autograph, he took a book and stood a distance away and dared not to be close to Master. Finally Master saw him and signed on his book. Master also knew that some people, who were late and did not buy tickets, entered the auditorium secretly. Master asked them to buy half fares. Master saves us arduously. However, we burden him too much. Master cherishes each practitioner and sets an example of selflessness.

Fellow practitioner D said that he was so fortunate to attend Falun Gong class held in Guiyang City by Master. When listening to the lecture, he sat in the first few rows, and wanted to be close to Master so that he could hear everything clearly. However, once Master began to give the lecture he fell asleep (later he knew that Master had put him in the half sleeping state in order to help him forbear, because he had heart problems and a head injury). Fortunately, he heard all of Master's lecture even while half asleep. Furthermore, his Celestial Eye was opened and he saw the seven-colored aura around Master's body. Also, he saw many beautiful and wonderful scenes in other dimensions that led to his admiration and appreciation of Master.

Because I did not study the Fa well and had the attachment of pursuing comfort, it was difficult for me to get rid of human notions. In addition, I slacked off, and did not weigh things with the requirement of Dafa and improve xinxing at all times. For example, when I was at the class I found that other people asked Master for his autograph, so I also went to get his signature. Master told me solemnly that each word of this book had Master's Fashen and Falun, and it was unnecessary to get his autograph. When I saw other people shaking hands with Master, I also waited at the gate to shake hands with him. Furthermore, I have stumbled on my cultivation path. One time I went to meditate at the site where I used to practice another Qigong. Suddenly, black clouds gathered and a gale howled, which resulted in the ceilings of nearby houses nearly collapsing. I was frightened and came to understand right away that Master has taught the Fa of "no second cultivation way." I realized that I had been wrong. I admitted that I was wrong and did not permit the bad spirit to damage me. I asked Master to forgive and save me. After I spoke out the above words, the thunder and rain stopped. After returning home the bad spirit still followed me to interfere. Once I began to do the exercises the bad spirit would appear and made me unable to do the exercises. I asked Master to cleanse me. I saw a bundle of sword light piercing the bad spirit. Since then I have never seen it again. After experiencing this incident, I came to understand deeply that cultivation is a very serious thing. If any thought or action deviates from the Fa, we will go awry and fall into a huge test. The old forces will take advantage of our loopholes any time and try to destroy cultivators. Only by believing in Master and Dafa with no doubts can the path be arranged by Master, and will ensure that we are on the safest and right path of returning to our original, true selves.