(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a problem occurred at our practice site. I would like to mention it, hoping to provide some help to practitioners who experience similar issues.

Fellow practitioner A is outgoing and is able to express things easily. This practitioner studies the Fa quite diligently and has a good understanding of the Fa. But recently this practitioner did not pass two tests very well. Fellow practitioner B always looked out for A's shortcomings. Whenever someone mentioned how well A was doing and the improvements A was making, B would become irritated and reply that practitioner A could not make any improvements without passing tests well.

I believe that we should not criticize other practitioners because they do not pass tests well once or twice. The key is, if fellow practitioners truly improve according to the Fa and find their own shortcomings through these problems by facing them straight on, not acknowledging them, and eliminating them, that is already cultivation. We should not pass tests for the sake of passing tests. In fact, practitioner B should also have looked within for the causes of his irritation. I feel that we should look more at the good side of fellow practitioners and help them with positive comments. We can point out their shortcomings with kindness when we notice them, but we should not cause divisions between practitioners, because it is our unity that the old forces are afraid of.

Fellow practitioners, let us cherish our opportunity in cultivation at this moment, look inside ourselves for shortcomings when encountering problems, give fellow practitioners more encouragement, and offer less finger-pointing and criticism. Let us form a cohesive whole, break and eliminate the evil, and help Master's Fa-rectification.

This is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please point out anything inappropriate.