(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner suggested that complete withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations is more a matter of safeguarding one's life than simply protecting it. Of course, safeguarding here also means being able to survive the process of the great elimination of the universe. One must not have any attachment to the changes in this dimension to one's body, but a life that knows the truth and has broken away from the control of the evil is protected by Buddha and divine beings--it is a life enriched with blessings. Let us take a look at two examples from my personal experience:

1. Recently, many classmates of a young Falun Dafa practitioner resigned from the Communist Youth League. Some of the boys had experienced headaches every time they wore the red scarf. After withdrawing from the Youth League, they no longer have headaches. Another student suffered from asthma. After leaving the Youth League, he also seems to have recovered--for one whole term, he has shown no signs of asthma. However, there was another boy who, after quitting the League, fell down one day and ended up with a broken arm. The young practitioner asked me why this happened to the boy. I thought for a while and said to her, "If that boy hadn't quit the Youth League, what he lost could have been his life." A few days later, the young practitioner came and told me that she saw that Buddhas had saved that boy's life. As he was walking downstairs with a skateboard, a big boy pushed him towards a wall. At that moment, the young practitioner said that she saw a number of Buddhas, clad in yellow robes, rush over to prevent him from hitting the wall, while one Bodhisavatta, clad in white, tried to pull him away. The boy only suffered some minor pain afterwards. The incident explains that safeguarding does not necessarily mean having the body completely unharmed. The boy, in fact, was protected from a potential disaster.

2. After learning the truth, Laohe, a contractor from a construction site, showed great support for Dafa. He also helped to explain the Fa principles to the workers. His whole family has withdrawn their Party memberships, and he has read through the book Zhuan Falun himself. That year, everything went well for him. He successfully won contracts, and his debtors paid all their debts. However, the following year, things did not go so well. The construction site scaffolding collapsed. Four of his workers fell from a height of three meters. One fractured his leg, one hurt his back, and fortunately, the other two suffered only minor injuries. The four of them had been told the facts and had withdrawn from the CCP. When I heard about the accident, I told Laohe, "Don't be too thrifty, observe safety. Get rid of the faulty timber. I am sure Teacher has already mitigated what might have happened." He accepted my advice affirmatively. During that year, things did not go well. There was a work stoppage, but he trusted Dafa. At the end of the year, the overall result was good. He had no problem getting paid for his work. The main contractor even helped by paying half the medical expenses of the injured workers. This year, things ran well at Laohe's new work site. We can see that "safeguarding" is not simply an issue of one or two cases that go well. When one persists with Dafa, all obstacles will quickly go away, and there will be good results.

I have discovered that the results differ from person to person for people who have renounced their CCP membership and accepted Dafa. One of the reasons is the amount of karma each one has.

Teacher said,

"You can read this book to a patient. If the patient can accept it, it can heal illness. But the results will differ according to each person's amount of karma." (Lecture 7, "Zhuan Falun")

Some people may not have strong righteous thoughts, and if their karma is big, the results will not be pronounced. If that is the case, we have to treat the issue with firm righteous thoughts and help those people to strengthen their faith. Once there was a person who was suffering from terminal lung cancer. After withdrawing from the CCP and keeping up with the affirmation, "Falun Dafa is good," her condition improved. Her life was extended for well over six months. However, she still had fear and did not seriously put her limited time into cultivation. Finally, she passed away peacefully. I explained her situation to the family members: "Although she took very few drugs, she did not suffer much pain and her life was extended. That was all attributed to Dafa. I am sure she is now waiting in a good dimension."

The family seemed to understand. Those that were initially unwilling have now all withdrawn their CCP memberships.

The above is a bit of my understanding to share with you.