(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Yang Jiansheng is the only Chinese alto among seven famous altos mentioned on Wikipedia. During the US Divine Performing Arts' global tour performances, her singing "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me" touched the hearts of many audience members, and many Eastern and Western audience members were moved to tears.

Tiananmen Square, can you tell me:
How many followers came here for the cause?
Clouds in the sky: you could see the clearest,
In the face of evil they kept kind.
The kindhearted shed tears on their behalf,
Righteous voices pled for them:
So that you may hear the facts--
It's for you, for you
That they bore the torment
Precious Chinese people--
it's for you, for you
that they forfeit their return.
Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is good
that their voices do resound!

Many reserved and solemn Koreans are moved to tears

Lucid Singing Communicating with Gods

Lawyer Chuang Ming-kuo, director of human rights committee at Taipei Bar Association was deeply impressed by the songs sung by two solo vocalists, they were Jiang Min "Why Refuses?" and Yang Jiansheng's "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me." Their songs seemed to tell people that we all came down to this human world from the heavens, but why have people misunderstood and distorted the Buddha's Fa so much? He also felt that the songs reflected Falun Gong practitioners' pure belief and perseverance, and the strength of pure kindness to people. Their voices were so clear and lucid as to touch the hearts of people.

From watching the show, Mr. Chuang especially felt Falun Gong practitioners' perseverance and belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" despite wretched suppression and persecution. Their perseverance has brought Falun Gong practitioners to the attention of the world's people.

Mr. Chuang believed that after a period of time, Falun Gong practitioners' perseverance will gain more support and appreciation.

Chief of a police station: Alto Ms. Yang Jianshseng's singing moved me to tears, because her simple and vigorous singing truly touched my soul, reminding me of these Falun Gong practitioners who went to Tiananmen

Liao Hsun-hui is the first female chief of Fang Liao Township Police Station in Pingdung County in Taiwan. She attended the show by the Divine Performing Arts and expressed her respect and thanks to all performers. She said that alto Ms. Yang Jiansheng's singing moved her to tears, and her simple and vigorous singing touched her soul, reminding her of those Falun Gong practitioners who had gone to Tiananmen Square.

Rick Godfrey who came from Canada to Taichung area to teach English, said that he was very familiar with Falun Dafa when he was in Canada, and he knew that Falun Gong has been seriously persecuted in mainland China. Therefore, when listening to the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me," he was deeply touched. He said that during some periods in history, people must do such things so as to display the truth to the human world.

Rick Godfrey: When listening to the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me," I was deeply touched.

Vocalists Sing Deep Feelings from the Heart

Wang Ying-Er, who studies music, attended the performance by the Divine Performing Arts, and complimented the singing of Yang Jiansheng and Guan Guimin. She said the two songs "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me" and "Who Am I?" deeply touched her soul.

Wang Ying-er, who studies music, said that the vocalists sing deep feelings from the heart, feelings that are hard to describe

Speaking of Guan Guimin's singing, Wang Ying-Er could not hold back her emotions. She said, "He sings a deep feeling to my heart, a feeling that is hard to describe."

Ms. Wang also found that "China's authentic cultural connotations that we have overlooked are so beautiful. Given that we have pursued and advocated Western culture, actually, the most beautiful and best is around us." She was particularly amazed that such a beautiful, pure and righteous cultural was interpreted and performed by Chinese performers who have grown up overseas.

Tainan City Councilor Lee Chian-Ping and his wife attended the performance. Mr. Lee said that the Divine Performing Arts seemed to come from the heavens; their performance was so touching and appealing. He especially liked the song sung by alto Yang Jiansheng, "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me," and Qi Xiaochun's Erhu Solo performance. He said that music was really wonderful.

Tainan City Councilor Lee Chian-Ping and his wife

Mr. Lee said that Falun Gong is well-known around the world. He has many Falun Gong friends, and they are all very kind and friendly. He felt the song represented the thoughts of Chinese people. The incident on Tiananmen caused greatest misfortune to Chinese people. We should let the world know that the Tiananmen incident is a tragedy, so as to awaken Chinese people's confidence in the pursuit of freedom.

Director of Tzo-sui River Calligraphy and Painting Association in Yunlin County Kao Hui-fen

Director Kao Hui-fen of Tzo-sui River Calligraphy and Painting Association in Yunlin County is also member of a choir. She attended the performance by the Divine Performing Arts in Chiayi. She said that it was very appropriate that a vocalist with simple and vigorous timbre sings a song like "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me" that depicts ones belief. She could properly tell the power of belief's grandeur and vastness, and could inspire people. Belief itself is something from a higher realm that people can seek.

"Tiananmen, Please Tell Me" Awakens the Entire World

Taichung County Councilor Kao Chi-chan complimented the performance of the Divine Performing Arts, "Such performance can purify people's mind, it is worth promoting. Each program is very impressive."

County Councilor Kao Chi-chan says that the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me," awakens Chinese people and people of the world

Mr. Kao has been concerned about the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) illegal suppression of Falun Gong and human rights abuses in China. He said that the CCP used politics to suppress Falun Gong that cultivates one's mind and body and has nothing to do with politics. Everybody can see that the CCP is despotic. Moreover, through the suppression, the whole world has learned many things inside China that are unknown to the outside world.

Mr. Kao said the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me," is to awaken Chinese people and the world's people. He felt it was great.

Korean vocalist Xu Dongri, president of Music Tutoring Institute, said what impressed him the most was the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me." Many people do not know that Chinese Communist regime is a one-party dictatorship. The Chinese Communist regime rules people as puppets. If it was a country that pursues freedom and justice, there would not be this persecution of people's belief. The Korean Government is politically close to the CCP. He thought that the Korean Government must remain vigilant. As North Korea's Kim Jong-il Group, what the CCP is concerned the most about is to sustain its power, without concern for people's suffering.

Ms. Yang Jiansheng pointed out in an interview, "It is an artist's responsibility to praise good things, but exposing the dark side is also an artist's responsibility. I use my singing to tell people the inhuman things happening in China. When people are deprived of even basic freedom of belief, all else is out of the question. Shouldn't we first appeal for this? I use this form of art to help people learn about the true situation. Every time when I sang 'Tiananmen, Please Tell Me', many people shed tears. I am only a recorder, taking down the historic scenes, and using singing to convey this to the audience. If it was touching, that is because the song itself has deep inner meanings."

Lyricist of the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me" was a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China, and Yang Jiansheng personally composed it. The entire song reveals the tremendous tribulations that Chinese people are undergoing, what it tells is Falun Gong practitioners' sacrifice, even at the cost of their lives to strive for justice and truth for Chinese people. The song aroused sympathy from many in the audience.