(Clearwisdom.net) Officials at the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai have transferred the majority of Falun Dafa practitioners from the No.5 Division, which detained only practitioners, to other divisions. Several steadfast practitioners, including Zhou Bin, Qu Yanlai, and Du Ting, are still detained in the No.5 Division, the so-called "youth experimental team."

Prior to the Chinese New Year of 2007, Tilanqiao Prison officials made a major shift of practitioners and at the same time put more practitioners in prison. Since practitioners are detained at several places, it is difficult to obtain an accurate number at present. Based on incomplete statistics, about one hundred practitioners are held in all the detention centers in Shanghai.

A guard from the Tilanqiao Prison said, "We won't release anyone unless he or she is dying." That means they won't release anyone unless they are sure that the person's health condition is hopeless, so that they can avoid taking the responsibility for someone's death.

Practitioner Mr. Xiong Wenqi was barely breathing when he was released for medical treatment in 2005. The guards had instructed inmates to take turns beating Mr. Xiong every day.

Not long ago, Tilanqiao Prison officials sent new practitioner Mr. Chen Jun to a hospital for medical treatment after he was beaten to near death. Mr. Chen died soon after he left the prison.

Practitioner Mr. Qiu Kun was illegally sentenced to nine years in prison. It was recently said that he has late stage cirrhosis of the liver. The prison officials released him for outside medical treatment only after learning this.

Practitioner Mr. Du Ting has been on a hunger strike and his physical condition has been very bad recently. He could not even walk unaided. Even though the guards also said that his body organs were very weak, his wife was forbidden to see him, and he was not allowed to undergo outside medical treatment.

Practitioner Mr. Qu Yanlai is also on a hunger strike. Since the prison is afraid of outside pressure, he can still do the exercises in the prison. However, during this Chinese New Year, guards handcuffed and transferred him. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Practitioner Mr. Lan Bing has high-blood pressure and a retina disease. Pathological changes in the retina can cause the retina to fall off and a loss of vision. His family is very worried about him.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Jianping is detained and severely persecuted in the No. 1 Division. His condition is bad and he is very sick due to long-term imprisonment. Tilanqiao Prison guards tried to entrap him. They said he could receive outside medical treatment as long as he agreed to write a so-called guarantee statement, otherwise he could not go.