(Clearwisdom.net) I read an article on the Clearwisdom website about Master's lecture at Dongying. Tears came rolling down my cheeks. Recalling Master's lecture, I can again feel his mercy, grandeur and generosity.

In the spring of 1994, I was in a specialized middle school. Master happened to come to Dongying to give a lecture. Because I had already started doing the exercises after reading articles on Falun Gong from qigong magazines, I wanted to learn more when the opportunity arose.

On the second day of the Chinese New Year holiday, I went to join the training class at the Kenli County Government's Dongfanghong Auditorium. In the first class, Master wore a leather coat and went up to the forum. I heard someone say, "Why does Master have a leather jacket on?" Master held the zipper in one hand and replied humorously, "This is actually man-made." Then he started the lecture. Master said, "I thought I'd skip the Chinese New Year, so here I am." Master's lecture was so refreshing! What he taught was totally different from what I had read in qigong magazines.

On the afternoon of the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, a friend and I who were attending the class together went to the Kenli County Government Boarding Hotel very early. Master had just finished having his dinner in the cafeteria. His daughter held his arm. We all greeted Master. Master said "Hmm..." while nodding as a reply. It was the closest I had been to Master. I felt he was very energetic and so young!

On the afternoon of the seventh day, my friend asked me, "I used to learn some other qigong. Please help me ask Master whether I can learn Falun Gong or not?" Master happened to pass by at that moment, and I called out, "Master, Master." Master looked back at me. I said, " He used to learn other qigong. Can he learn Falun Gong?" Master replied, "Sure he can." Then he entered the auditorium.

When he was lecturing, Master said, "Someone asked me if, since he used to learn another qigong, could he could learn Falun Gong? I think you are here, but still.....Why not give up the previous stuff?" During the lecturing, Master mercifully adjusted our bodies twice. The first time, Master asked everyone to stand up. Then he swung his hand. Immediately I felt a cold breeze go through my face. I felt my body become lighter. During the second adjustment, also at the end of the lecture, Master asked everyone to stand up again and pushed his hands downward. Then Master asked us to stamp our feet according to his hand signal. Suddenly I felt intense pressure in my head. The feeling was so strong!

On the afternoon of the eighth day, Master went to the Western City Oil Field Victory Power Machine Plant to lecture. As he sat down, Master said, "I looked around. The majority of the people coming today are my disciples." Then he briefly introduced Falun Dafa's characteristics and some principles. When lecturing, Master told us, "Some people do not understand the Falun. Let's do this. Stretch out the most sensitive part of your hand. I'll let you feel the Falun revolving." So everybody stretched their hands. Master swung his hand. I felt a cold breeze from the center of my palm right away. My friend's mother even said, "Yes, just like a fan." Then Master adjusted the bodies of all the attendees.

On the evening of the eighth day, after the lecture, Master said, "We will have a class tomorrow morning. If you have a job, you need to ask for leave. I think you can get it." After the class, Master did a set of the big hand signs.

When all the classes were done and everybody was leaving, Master signed autographs for practitioners at the entrance of the Dongfanghong auditorium. I saw the line was too long and I didn't join it. Then, as I rode on my bicycle, I suddenly felt I did not want to leave. I wanted to see Master again.

Thirteen years have passed since Master's lecture in Dongying. I have grown from a student to an adult. I have experienced ups and downs. Looking back, I really appreciate Master's grandeur and generosity.