(Clearwisdom.net) My parents recently traveled from China to visit Germany. On the second day that they were here, the European Divine Land Marching Band came to Holland. Previously, I had been persistent in telling my parents the truth about the persecution. I had urged them to make the "three withdrawals" from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Young Communist League, and Young Pioneers. Nevertheless, they never agreed to quit. I tried clarifying the truth using different perspectives, and methods and constantly sent forth righteous thoughts. However, I was never able to make a breakthrough.

It is a three day trip to go to Holland to see the European Divine Land Marching Band. On April 20, the band members gathered in Holland and rehearsed at the big stadium. On the morning of April 21, the parade marching performance was held in Haiya Chinatown. Later that afternoon was the 60th annual Holland Lisse Flower Parade and Celebration. This 40 kilometer-long flower float parade attracted tourists from all over the world. The Divine Land Marching Band participated in the Lisse parade as the first entry.

Both sides of the road were packed with spectators who came to watch the parade. The Divine Land Marching Band lined up on the roadside. Everyone geared up before setting out. Before departing, the band members waited quietly and privately sent forth righteous thoughts. When they saw the spectators with their heads raised and full of anticipation, in that moment each of the band members could sense the sacredness of the task at hand. Thousands of years of reincarnation, and now what these people had been waiting for had finally arrived. The Divine Land Marching Band would live up to their long-awaited hopes and sweep away the dark haze, bringing Dafa's magnificence to the land. As the band slowly marched forward, the majestic and powerful music inspired the audience. Young children jumped in time with the drumbeats. People applauded and took photos. Older people, who were in abundance, often gave the "thumbs up" sign. The drum sound was intermittent and rhythmic and the music flowed like a clear stream. The music not only came from the instruments, but also came from practitioners pure hearts. Therefore, wherever the marching band went, people cheered.

On April 22, the marching band appeared once more in Amsterdam to support the 20 million-plus brave Chinese who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party. The purpose of the event was to celebrate these awakened Chinese, and to call on all those who haven't made the three withdrawals to make the right choice for himself or herself at this important historic turning point--the choice that ensures a bright future.

During the three days that the Divine Land Marching Band gathered to play, my parents accompanied me on the entire trip. I did not need to explain anything further to them. Nevertheless, I noticed some surprisingly major changes in them. They sat and listened quietly off to the side while practitioners did their group Fa study. They sat quietly while others shared their experiences. They applauded excitedly while others practiced on their band instruments. They did all this even though the jet lag from the long plane trip the day before had not yet eased up. On top of that, the bus ride was long and bumpy. At first, I was worried that my 60-year-old parents could not cope with this. Later on, I found that even such worries were unnecessary. Unexpectedly, my mom started to do the exercises with others in the morning. She would also send forth righteous thoughts together with everyone. In the end, she said that it was so strange that she felt light all over her entire body. She felt so energetic! Even steel could melt in this energy field of pure harmony. They silently observed every move of the practitioners. The more they observed, the more they admired Dafa's righteousness and magnificence.

In the end when practitioners left town, the stadium director was shocked. So many people had eaten and lived there for three days, but the stadium was even cleaner than before. The director immediately said that no matter when we would like to return, the door would be open to everyone. The local Holland police officers were also shocked. With such a huge marching band, they originally thought that they would need to pay special attention to security and other matters. But they later found that such a group didn't need the police force to maintain law and order. At each moment everyone was thinking of others first. If there were any problems that needed coordination, they were resolved quickly and joyfully. The police officers expressed that we were truly terrific, and that Holland would always welcome us whenever we'd like to come back! After the final event ended, my parents were also shocked. They felt that people in China would never be able to witness such a wonderful performance! If anyone asked them whether they would like to quit the CPP, they would answer back quickly: "Quit! We must quit for sure!"